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Was Today A Sign of The Future BlackBerry?

blackberry-passport-473x315Well today as many of us know was the long anticipated launch of the BlackBerry Passport.  Many of us have thought how will this device work in to our current “glass slab” smartphone ecosystem, will a device this big really make a difference?  Will be adapt and adopt to the design and follow BlackBerry’s vision?  In short, the answer is YES.

We heard some great vantage points today from not only John Chen, but Jeff Gadway and Peter NG as well. It is the inspiration behind the design and motivation for BlackBerry’s revamp of the company as well as their business plan. And what a sigh of relief. When Thor launched the Z10, there was too much skepticism and silence in the room. When he was on stage it was very dry and not too many candid moments that you could see the passion and the man behind it all.

Not to say Thor was not a good CEO, or that he didn’t help change BlackBerry to where it is today from where it was.. but when you listen to John Chen versus Thor it is night and day. Chen bouncing jokes and off colour remarks to audience and making the whole room light up with laughter. Seeing the emotion and passion in his facial expressions. Feeling the vibrancy in his tone of voice. It all leads to today.

BlackBerry is done with their re-structuring and lay offs. The company has a clear vision on their game plan to move forward and become ‘successful’ again. The bleeding has stopped, and so has the confusion. The Passport launch is quintessential in all of this. Bringing out the device that will hopefully make the company millions, and regain lost market share. It is funny to think that people look at BlackBerry and think they are out date and that they suck. When in reality from a perspective they are cutting edge.

When Wayne Gretzky was up on stage, he said something that really stuck out to me, ‘ Move to where the puck is going, not where the puck was.’ Now I am glad Wayne was there it really brought an aura to the room to take away from typical launch event settings. He is the Canadian icon that no matter whether if you like hockey or not, you KNOW and LIKE Wayne Gretzky. It also kind of ties in to BlackBerry’s vision to re capture the Canadian market first. As John said, we need to have the home team on our side before we take on our competitors in other markets, it essence if your country doesn’t support you, who will?

There was a lot of pride in the room, and it shows. The roars from the crowd when features were shown trumping the competitors, and the bellowing laughter at Chen’s jokes. It isn’t what BlackBerry has been through, but where they’re are going. The struggles of re-finding an identity in an over saturated market place are in the past for them.

Coming out with 4 devices this year, and focusing on the Business aspect of the business… like 10 years ago consumer will follow. Especially with the features of BlackBerry Blend. Launching in 30 countries, the Passport will surely set everyone aside and re crown the inventor of the smartphone as king.

What are your thoughts about everything that happened today? Have a comment, or question please sign in and ask below!

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  1. Great write up. I enjoyed the morning filled with great news. I get the feeling that they are not done. By the way, I’m typing this on my Passport.

  2. OMG! I am laughing so hard I almost threw up in my mouth. This is a joke, right? Is today like some obscure Canadian version of April Fools Day? LOL! Still laughing violently. Leave it to BlackBerry to come up with the ideal smartphone for jettsetting dwarves, whom happen also to have really wide hands.
    So, when the whole world has gone to 16×9, BB decides to innovate by returning us to 4×3? I guess, technically, they have innovated, by inventing 3×3. Does this this also have cathode ray tubes inside? LOL! Just vomited in my mouth a little. Must keep going. Too funny to stop now.
    Hey BB, you know what also makes for a very wide screen that fits a lot of information it??? A rectangular screen, turned to landscape mode…and, because the keyboard is virtual, it rotates and becomes quite usable on that, now, very wide and useful rectangular screen. Then, when done using it, it fits discreetly into a pant pocket, instead of looking like piece of ceramic tile shoved into your pants.
    Wow! This new standard of FAIL sets the bar pretty high, even by BB’s standards. This will be the one that puts them out of business. The thing’s been out a day already…so, is it down to 99 cents on contract, yet? LOL! I have to stop now. Couldn’t contain it any longer. Laughter causing projectile results. Nice job BB. LOL!

    • Better than the silly putty MEphone x. I say x because it is another number and no originality. Silly putty because it bends so easily and then it is worthless like silly putty. You must be an MEphone x user.

    • Hmm… let me see… if you take a rectangular phone and flip it horizontally, yes you get wider screen, but all the sudden you only get a 3 inch (7.5 cm) height which 2 inches are eaten up by keyboard so you still see less on the screen than you would with the Passport, so there goes that theory you have…

      The other fruit phone has decided to play catch up by giving you somewhat better hardware specs but can bend like silly putty when it’s larger and they finally get NFC which has been around for a couple of years, yet, they want to sell you on using them as your wallet substitute when they’ve had multiple issues with their security… hardly innovative. Next…

      Android is still fragmented, but you can get a waterproof phone… last time I heard anybody complaining that they can’t talk under a shower? Never…

      I guess you must be having some personal challenges with your smart phone that you need to come on a BlackBerry website to spread your hate… need a life much? Or perhaps you feel threatened by your choice in smart phone because it hasn’t been particular innovative in the last few iterations that you need to be snotty about a competitive phone… or simply you just have no vision and are like the countless followers of other phones, not questioning, not thinking, just following… sad really…

  3. Shame I can’t buy one, I really wanted to give Passport a try. But without being able to use on Verizon, I’m stuck with my Q10.

  4. I think Adam had too much time on his hands, a a severe case of pent up frustration. He is likely a little or a lot jealous. It’s okay to like other platforms Adam.

  5. I’m laffing at Adam, cause if he is trolling for free in 2014 he’s a loser, Dude do you know how much cash companies are paying for people to go to fan sites and post comments?

    seriously, google it and sign up, otherwise, that throw up comment is wasted time dude.

  6. What i saw from Blackberry yesterday , beside some real hard core mobile tech was an attitude that NO Canadian company currently shows. Sadly, it’s not homegrown, it’s from the US based leaders, but was/is night and day from the 2013 BB team. I am strickly talking about passion, attitude and confidence. Chen challenged the Canadian press to stick up for the product vs bend to the normal , easy to do bash marketing, bravo.

    It’s been missing, sorely needed and much appreciated

  7. I’ve been following Blackberry since they bought QNX. . . and the more I watch, the more I realize the company has no clear vision. They change with the whims of the CEO, whom is generally clueless as what a great smartphone should be. . . thus, we have a mix mash of sh!t coming out from Blackberry, finally falling back on the “classic” design and keyboards in general. Not once has Blackberry released a quality flagship level all touch device—they use old hardware and charge high prices, that’s not going to get devices into people’s hands.

    While the OS is generally good, it misses prime opportunities to be amazing (clear lack of vision), and core apps miss very basic features the kneecap them (clueless to competition). Finally, their Android Runtime is a buggy mess—they should have virtualized the entire Android OS and spoofed it as a true Android device, thus they could be running any number of “custom ROMS” and all Android apps without an issue. . .

    While I like many things about the OS. . . I’m always left with the feeling that Blackberry is a floundering company without a visionary leading them, just businessmen trying to make deals.

    Ultimately Blackberry is becoming more and more of a mishmash mess.

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