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Is BlackBerry Passport Really Coming To T-Mobile?


Today, the guys over a OurBerries showcased a new photo of the BlackBerry Passport. This time, however, it showcases a brand I never expected it to be selling BlackBerry at all. T-Mobile, with its feud with BlackBerry earlier this year, seemed all but giving up on BlackBerry sales. But with this photo now, it seems like they might be bringing in the BlackBerry Passport after all. How many of you are on T-Mobile and are still (secretly) holding out for them to offer it?

Via OurBerries

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  1. Maybe only for T-Mobile in Europe? I am not sure off the top of my head if they have different logos… and I don’t recall if the falling apart was just T-Mo USA or all T-Mobile…

  2. I truly hope they do because they are my carrier of choice, however I will get it on my own if they don’t offer it that’s for sure!

  3. These photos feel really fake to me, so I don’t know if a T-Mobile discussion really makes sense if they’re not legit photos to begin with…

    • I don’t think its too late for BlackBerry – An message and image rebranding is all that’s needed. I read that John Chen maybe burying the hatchet with T-Mobile USA, which could explian the T-Mobile logo.

  4. I hope they bring this to Sprint and other USA carriers sooner rather than later, BlackBerry needs to represent in the USA, before its too late.

    • It’s already too late and that doesn’t make or break BlackBerry. Sure, it will help to regain presence in the States, but BlackBerry doesn’t need the US to survive, as much as the US may feel that way.

      US carriers did this themselves. BlackBerry can prove their relevance without them and those carriers can then use that as proof. It just sucks for current BlackBerry users in the US, but I don’t feel it’s BlackBerry’s fault or problem to fix for that matter.

  5. These are not real photos, next…

  6. I will never go back to T-Mobile. Their treatment of BlackBerry was unforgivable IMO.

  7. Even if they are mock-up pictures, the T-Mobile logo is the same wherever the brand exists.
    BlackBerry has only had a “falling out” with T-Mobile US, the rest of T-Mobile is still in with BlackBerry, so these phones could be for Europe.


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