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Lets Take A Look At iPhone 6… Against BlackBerry Bold 9700


So we all know that our other fruit, the Apple, has recently unveiled their latest devices yet, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. The guys over at National Post has done some great coverage of it, ending up calling iPhone 6 plus crap, and of course, doing a quick comparison with other devices. So what is the best device that iPhone 6 can match up to?

As the title suggests, yes, the BlackBerry Bold 9700. It seems like they too agree that iPhone’s latest and greatest hardware is only better than this 5 year old device from BlackBerry, and that devices released after the Bold 9700, is better than iPhone 6?

Well… What do you think?

Via NationalPost

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  1. Was this video meant to be a joke, or are they really serious?

    • This is unfortunately how most folks think about BlackBerry – vintage! However, at the end of the video, she tells how frustrated she is with her employer insisting she uses an ancient 5 year old BlackBerry 9700. This should be a sign that BlackBerry encourage employers to upgrade devices more readily. Do you think this woman will ever buy a BlackBerry again?

      This is precisely how BlackBerry got a bad name. Ex-BB users becoming freed from bondage! It doesn’t mean that BB10 isn’t a fantastic phone, it just means that the associate BB with shackles! BlackBerry should be pushing BYOD as BB10 is ready with the work/personal BlackBerry Balance feature.

      • Not really. THe fact that the post is still on BES 5 makes it more likely that they will upgrade to BES 12 and get new phones from there. The Post and most news organizations will not allow iPhone crap. Yes they could get iPhones on BES 12, that is where BB needs to do extra work and push classic phones out to those organizations on the cheap. Most in media will be shocked at how good BB10 phones actually are. Do you think she has a clue? No. She uses and iPhone for personal phone almost for sure.

  2. Guess I should have watched the entire video. I made it to the 40 second mark, shook my head, and closed it.

  3. This video is more comedic than realistic guys, it’s not even a review but rather a personal opinion.

  4. I think the article misses the point of the video. The video says: “BlackBerry sucks because users have had to put up with 5 year old phones, 3 sets of batteries, etc. What is BlackBerry going to do about that?”

  5. American’s hate Blackberry the most but Canadians are a close second. The funny thing is to play up the iPhone 6 media has to resort to a five year old Blackberry. Apple has lost the design lead to Samsung and HTC. Hell even the new Sony’s looks nicer. On functionality it looks like the Passport will lead the pack. The passport is also the most distinctive smartphone that will be out there.
    I just wish BB would sell it unlocked on their website from day one so I wouldn’t have to wait for US carriers.

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