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Celebrities Apple iCloud Accounts Supposedly Hacked With Embarrassing Results

Apples lack of security

For years it was hard to find celebrities without their BlackBerry’s. There are still quite a few that have remained loyal but some are slowly learning the consequences of platforms that are not built around security. Rumor has it that Apple’s iCloud service is the source of this hack with a simple script that would continually brute force an iCloud account until it got in. Usually companies like BlackBerry will limit how many failed attempts there can be before an account is locked or suspicious activity is identified.

The Next Web has the details on the supposed flaw that led to multiple celebrities having nude pictures of them exposed on the internet. This all comes from a Python script that allowed malicious users to repeatedly guess passwords until they get the right one. This is all based on Apple’s historically problematic “Find My Phone” feature. It looks like Apple has smartened up and locked accounts after 5 failed attempts.

This is another black eye for Apple that will definitely bruise their reputation with celebrities and other individuals who value their privacy… I really feel bad for celebrities but it really goes to show that you really have to pick your partners carefully when you trust them with your security.

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  1. I can’t imagine how those people feel. With all the stories on security breaches and hacks, I would think more would start to value BlackBerry and the safety it brings. Along with all the other goodies in BlackBerry 10.

  2. Simple common sense: Don’t put photos you don’t want other people to see on your phone, social media, or the cloud.

  3. I find it astonishing that for a company that size and with so many customers they treat security so lightly. It is more and more important day by day as people put their whole virtual life out on the internet.

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