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BlackBerry’s Roadmap For Current and Upcoming Devices Leaked


By now I am sure many have seen the leaked roadmap for BlackBerry’s current and future BB10 handhelds. Although I am not entirely excited about it myself in terms of being anything new and unknown from what is already been discussed before. I do however pose this question to you, Do you find the contents a good move on BlackBerry’s part with where they are going with the 4 Tier handheld range?


Seeing a reduction in models is certainly welcomed, for many years we spoke within the group here BerryReview on this very point and felt the lower number of models available will be to BlackBerry’s benefit.


We have seen the Z3 released in several countries of late, in some, stock is already out and being re-stocked for a second round. I cannot wait to see what happens with the Classic, I really believe something good will come of this model and its re-introduction of the Toolbelt.

Without saying the, the Passport will  be a niche market, needless to say I will be getting one.

Imagery via (N4BB)

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  1. If BlackBerry is discontinuing the Z10, what are they replacing it with, I heard the Z20 was coming out this fall, but I don’t see it on the roadmap.

  2. The Z20 is a surprise, targeted for the consumer market. It’s suppose to be what the Z10 should have been. Despite liking the Z10, it could have had a better battery.

    • I saw the Z20 purely as a rumour. BlackBerry stick to their road maps and don’t deviate, possibly in the 2015 road map. I think it does need a similar or better spec successor.

  3. A leak would offer some useful insight about the future devices or OS but this document says nothing new…the comments posted above are more useful…

  4. So it looks like BlackBerry’s energy and development is going to focus on nailing down the mid- to high-end physical keyboard market. That makes sense to a point; it’s been BlackBerry’s claim to fame, after all. However, it also looks like they intend to only compete in the low-end full-touch market. That could leave me without a home in the BlackBerry product portfolio. I’ll be replacing my Z10 eventually, but I’m not seeing my next device in the product line-up shown in the article.

    • You need to keep in mind the Z30 is still going to be there for another contractual term, I would still not discount this as an option to your Z10 replacement. I use both models daily in the form of personal and work handheld’s.

      • I’m mindful of the Z30, and it’s a fine device by all accounts (I wouldn’t mind having one right now!). Still, by the time my current contract is up (June 2015) the Z30’s specs will be in need of an upgrade. I look at the Passport’s processor, RAM, dpi, and Natural Sound ProReceiver, and I really want a full-touch device with those specs. Maybe after the Passport and Classic are released we can look forward to more future products being mentioned. I hope so.

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