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Opinion on Snap2Chat Removal From AppWorld


As far as I like and support 3rd party vendors who are willing to assist companies to make their services available on other platforms, it is sometimes ridiculous that we actually want to support these companies. From Instagram to Whatsapp, they have had their own legal issues. Now, SnapChat is coming up with the next wave of problems.

The 3rd party vendors (in this case nem0ry) makes your services available on other platforms, or should I say a larger population of users, thereby helping them to boost the user’s using the application, raising your service or product’s outreach and exposure.

But because of their company’s incapability, they can’t create one for BlackBerry or Windows Phone, and we probably would not see one soon because they are just plain incapable or uninterested.

As far as loyal users go, the use of these 3rd party applications shows they want to support your service but unfortunately, these companies do not want your support. So why should anyone even consider supporting them or to even use their service?

In this case, SnapChat is coming after Snap2Chat due to the application being a paid staple in the BlackBerry World storefront, and they themselves are missing out on the revenue that they should really be paying to the hardworking developer for proving that it is easy to create for BlackBerry platform unlike their current incompetent engineers.

Whilst yes, it could be true that Snapchat’s allegations that

Nemory Studios “improperly uses Snapchat’s trademark in its app title and includes the unauthorized use of the Snapchat ghost logo.” They add it violates terms and conditions of the application and “other federal and state laws.”

It is amazing that they continue to play dumb and oblivious to that fact that they were forced to make this application for their own loyal userbase. Do you think that the companies are just playing a sadistic game with BlackBerry users to deprive us all of quality applications?

Nonetheless, Snap2Chat Lite is still available in BlackBerry World, as a free application. Let’s hope Nemory Studios gets it cleared as soon as possible!

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  1. My opinion, if this developer wanted to profit from bringing it to the BlackBerry platform he should have worked out a deal in advance of offering a paid app.

  2. Snapchat is the fool here. Snap2Chat is here because Snapchat does not want to support BlackBerry 10. I mean, if you as a developer, see that your app is being cloned and offered with nice success and acceptance on a platform that you have not made your app available for that means that THAT platform and users WANT your app, and in this case, willing to PAY for it… Ugh

  3. why did the title of this article was changed to “opinion”… it didnt contained that word before…

  4. right now, he renamed snap2chat to someapp for now and replaced the snap2chat logo to nem0ry’s logo

  5. This type of thing has come up before. Numerous apps have been rejected for having the main apps name in it. Not sure why this is a surprise.

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