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BlackBerry 10 – The World’s Best OS!


Between the few Operating systems in the market, (iOS, Windows Phone, Android and BlackBerry 10) Which of them is the best? To answer that question, India’s most popular digital magazine diGit has pitted iOS (iPhone 5S), Windows Phone (Lumia1520), HTC Sense (One M8), Android (Nexus 5) and BlackBerry 10 (Z30) against one and other to see who fairs the best. And the results are out!


The BlackBerry Z30, clinched the top spot, scoring a 56.91 overall, although there are some weird distrubancy’s in it. For one, the BlackBerry OS used in the test was the old 10.2, whereas the competition, including Nokia’s (Microsoft) is using their latest 8.1!

Nonetheless, congrats to TeamBlackBerry for the win!

Via NerdBerry Through OurBerries

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  1. BB10 has the “worst” Browser? Seriously?

    • I know I call Bull…….BB10 browser is the best plus it has the highest HTML5TEST score ….plus how can iOS 7 beat BB10 in notifications…???

      • Agree with both of you! BB10 browser has been proven to be the fastest and the most compatible with HTML5.


      • HTML5TEST score results mean nothing. That’s just support to standards, not actually user experience. Please keep in mind that I can support all of the AD&D rules, but that does not make for a great session.

        That said, worst browser? What were they smoking? And why test on 10.2 instead of 10.2.1?

        • Ok, I bought the digital issue of the mag (for $1.99) and this is what they said about why the BB10 browser scored so low: “BlackBerry have a decent browser, but loses out on expected functions such as browser customisation, and the inability to sync with browsers on other devices did cost it dearly.”

          They also pointed out that the match is not over and that they will be reviewing the next major updates for the OSes, like iOS8, Android L and BlackBerry 10.3 on flagship phones, so expect the iPhone 6 and the Passport to face each other in an epic battle. It’s a nice read, and I really feel that BlackBerry could actually take notes on all the points made there and improve the OS even more. The comparison is with stock OSes, that means that no app was taken into account for the ability of the OS to complete a task. Of course, we already knew BlackBerry 10 is the best mobile OS of the world.

          • Very interesting. Thanks for filling us in. It would be nice to be able to sync with browsers on other devices but the experience on BB10 is so different and no-nonsense than desktop browsers. I hardly ever use bookmarks and I don’t find the need for add-ons either.

  2. The BB10 Browser is not only the fastest mobile browser, it’s also faster than your desktop.

  3. If blackberry is the world’s best operating system then why do people consider buying Android phones instead of black Berry.It implies that this report is missing a few factors which blackberry is lacking very badly like availability, ease of access etc.

    • The article clearly states that the comparisons are only for the stock OS. They asked for certain tasks and then tried them out on each device, looking for the actual ability of the OS to perform the task, how the OS does it (the steps) and how well.

      No apps where taken into consideration here. If the OS has 2 million apps or just 200 it did not matter, because they are not part of the OS itself.

      I strongly suggest you to read the article. BlackBerry 10 was not the best OS for everything, but it was the best on most things. In the end, each user will choose whatever the device they want.

      I don’t get the “availability” issue you state, because as far as I know, BlackBerry phones are available worldwide plus on BlackBerry’s own website, and at different price tags. And about the ease of access the same.

      Current BlackBerry Smartphones are no longer the old, slow, lagging, handicapped phones you remember. BlackBerry’s are selling slow not because they are bad smartphones or because the OS itself is garbage. BlackBerry phones are not selling because regular consumers gave up on the will to actually give them a try. They chose to stick with Android or iOS, and rule out everything else without really touching the device, let alone trying to understand the new OS.

      BlackBerry fans are not dumb. We have tried all other smartphones, but chose to stick with BlackBerry 10 because we understand that aside of not having the best ecosystem, BlackBerry has the best mobile OS of the world. Like it or not.

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