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Introducing BlackBerry Assistant!


BlackBerry OS 10.3, as well all know, is the next revision of the OS for BlackBerry 10 devices. Now, BlackBerry has finally taken the wraps off BlackBerry Assistant today, which basically allows you to use voice commands for just about everything you could want to do with your phone. This isn’t a leak, but a official showcase!

So what will it help us with? From hunting e-mails to sending calendar invites, checking your twitter and even, ahem, FaceBook BlackBerry Assistant will also let you type, when you just cant talk.

The preview, brought to us by Donny Halliwell from BlackBerry, highlights its accuracy and ability in just completing tasks.

What do you guys think?

I think they need to get it out RIGHT NOW, before someone copies it all, in whole…

via Inside BlackBerry

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  1. More information on what the assistant can do can be found on the official website of the developer:
    Natural Language Processing Technology | Maluuba

    Examples of what you can ask:
    “How’s the weather?” “What’s the forecast for this weekend?”
    “How’s the weather in Sao Paulo going to be on Saturday?”
    “When is sunrise tomorrow?”
    “Do I need a sweater today?”
    “What’s the wind chill factor in Chicago right now?”
    “Read my last email from Annie”
    “Do I have any new emails about the quarterly budget?”
    “Forward this email”
    “Email Joseph, Karla, and Greg and let them know I’m running late.”
    “Send Megan a short email and blind carbon copy Joseph. Subject: Dinner tonight.”
    “What emails did I get today?”
    “Send a BBM message”
    “Read my last BBM from Tanya”
    “Do I have any new BBM messages about tonight’s plans?”
    “Reply to that BBM message”
    “BBM Jake and let him know I’m running late”
    “Shoot Meredith a BBM, I’m on my way.”
    “Send a text”
    “Read my last text from Melissa.”
    “Do I have any new text messages about shopping?”
    “Reply to that SMS message”
    “Text Joseph, Karla, and Greg and let them know I’m running late.”
    “Shoot Trudy an SMS message, where are we meeting tonight?”
    “Play Violet Hill by Coldplay”
    “Play some Adele”
    “Play U2’s greatest hits album?”
    “Next track”
    “Who sings this?”
    “Shuffle my Jay-Z tracks”
    “Dial 519-555-0199”
    “Call Justin from BlackBerry”
    “Call Neman at home”
    “Do I have any missed calls?”
    “Phone my voicemail”
    “How many people live in Canada?”
    “What’s the square root of 36?”
    “What time is it in London England?”
    “Who is Albert Einstein?”
    “Tell me about Australia”
    “How many millimeters are in an inch?”
    “Set up a meeting for March 1st at 2:30 PM with Jake and Tanya”
    “What does my day look like today?”
    “Schedule a team lunch for next Monday”
    “Set up an interview with Greg Hislop in the north conference room”
    “Add Mark to next Friday’s marketing meeting”
    “Move my doctor’s appointment to 2:00 PM”
    “Remind me to take out the trash in an hour”
    “Remind me to call Karla tomorrow at 4 PM”
    “What reminders do I have today?”
    “Note to self pick up milk”
    “Create a new task to go for an oil change this weekend”
    “New task to buy mom’s birthday gift by January 19th”
    “Set an alarm for weekdays at 6:45 AM”
    “Wake me up in 90 minutes”
    “Set a weekend alarm for 9”
    “Set the alarm for Tuesday and Wednesday at 4:00 PM”
    “Turn off my 9 AM alarm”
    “Move my alarm from 5:00 PM to 5:15 PM”
    “Show me a map of Ottawa”
    “Where is the nearest coffee shop?”
    “Give me directions to the airport”
    “Where am I?”
    “How do I get to the Museum Of Modern Art?”
    “Take me home”
    “Search for Blu-Ray DVDs on Amazon”
    “Bing search things to do in Paris”
    “Watch a cat video on YouTube”
    “Find the budget report in my documents”
    “Search for global warming on Wikipedia”
    “Find the best eggs benedict recipe on Epicurious”
    “Check Facebook”
    “Update Facebook status to Having a great day!”
    “Read my last Facebook message from Tanya”
    “Do I have any new Facebook messages about Jake’s party this weekend?”
    “Reply to that Facebook message”
    “Send a Facebook message to Joseph, Meredith, and Greg and let them know I’m running late”
    “What’s trending on Twitter?”
    “Tweet Just saw the coolest cat!”
    “Read my last Twitter direct message from Karla”
    “Do I have any new Twitter messages about Greg’s party this weekend?”
    “Reply to that Twitter direct message”
    “Send a Twitter direct message to Annie and let her know I’m running late”
    “Check in”
    “Check in on Foursquare”
    “Check LinkedIn”
    “Update my LinkedIn status to Exciting things happening at the office!”
    “Read my last LinkedIn message from Karla”
    “Do I have any new LinkedIn messages about my upcoming interview?”
    “Reply to that LinkedIn message”
    “Send a LinkedIn direct message to Jake, Tanya, and Joseph and let them know I’m running late”
    “Turn on Bluetooth”
    “Open Docs To Go”
    “Play Angry Birds”
    “Turn on Flashlight”
    “Launch BlackBerry Hub”
    “All alerts off please”
    “Find the closest gas station”
    “Where is Best Buy?”
    “I feel like having a burger”
    “Where can I find a good cup of coffee?”
    “Find italian restaurants nearby”
    “Show me hotels nearby”

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