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BlackBerry Highlights the BlackBerry Passports Innovative Keyboard Features

BlackBerry Passport

A little bit back we saw a leaked post from BlackBerry detailing some of the features of the BlackBerry Passport keyboard that was quickly pulled. Now it looks like the post is officially out and it includes a nice new picture of the Passport along with similar commentary. I personally am still in love of using the keyboard to scroll through web pages.

Check out the description below:

The Keys to Successful Productivity

BlackBerry Passport is a unique device that was built with productivity at its core. The revolutionary new physical keyboard is responsive to touch, so you have more ways to control your smartphone without having to use the touchscreen. With rows of touch-sensitive physical keys, BlackBerry Passport combines the efficiency of tactile typing with touchscreen-like navigation to deliver on that productivity promise.

This way, you’ll be able to keep your eyes on the goal – getting things done. (If you’re a developer, head over to the Developer blog to learn how you can take advantage of the new BlackBerry Passport keyboard in your apps.)

With the Passport’s touch-enabled keyboard, you’ll be able to navigate web pages, apps and e-mails by lightly brushing your fingers over the keys, which helps with things like scrolling and cursor placement. It’s a minimalist design that maximizes BlackBerry Passport’s already-awesome amount of screen real estate. You’ll be able to read documents faster, as well as keep your fingers close to the keys, ready to type.

But what does this Mean?!

The Passport’s keyboard also sports some custom commands that can boost your productivity.
Let’s take a look:

  • Faster scrolling: As noted above, you can use the keyboard to swipe up and down to scroll on long lists in a document or on a browser page, keeping your fingers off the screen and focused on what’s happening.
  • More intuitive cursor control and text selection: This is a classic BlackBerry productivity enhancement reinvented for the Passport. Double-tap the keyboard, then drag your finger across the keyboard to drop the cursor at precisely the right point. Or select the text just as you would on an older BlackBerry: hold the SHIFT key while dragging your finger across the keyboard to extend a selection.
  • Smart, contextual virtual keys: The Passport’s QWERTY 3-row keyboard creates a clean-looking, right-sized layout. There is also a virtual 4th row on-screen that smartly shifts depending on context. So if you’re typing a password on-screen, the 4th row would automatically include numbers and symbols commonly used in passwords. If you’re typing an e-mail, the ‘@’ symbol will be displayed, and when surfing the Web, the colon and backslash characters needed to type in a URL will be displayed. Like I said, smart! With a little practice, most Passport users should find themselves typing faster than ever before.
  • Flick to type: Stuck on a word? BlackBerry 10’s next word suggestion feature learns from you to give you smart, personalized choice of words you’re likely to type. You then just flick up to complete the word.
  • Easier delete: Made a mistake? No problem, just swipe back (left) to Delete the last word, just like on our virtual keyboard!
  • Entering an accented character? Hold the letter key down, and then lightly tap on the key to add the appropriate accent!

As you can see, we’ve taken something great – the BlackBerry 10 keyboard – and innovated with the boundary-breaking design of the BlackBerry Passport form factor, while staying focused on one thing: YOUR productivity.

Stay tuned as we look forward to continuing to bring you more details in the near future!

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  1. Each time I see the Passport it looks more impressive. The real estate is just insane! I need to buy more stock 🙂 This phone will really change BlackBerry’s fortunes. I think the stock will easily reach $20 by the end of the year as they will sell a lot of these Passports.

    There is a lot of R&D ingenuity going into this phone, and with a September release, it will be a hot item for business users. However, I can see a lot of other folks wanting to give it a shot as it has a lot of real estate, especially when typing!

    Keys to success:

    * BlackBerry must begin to market its products to a wide audience.

    * The software can’t be buggy. 10.3 is a refinement of BB10, which has been shown to be rock solid, so that may not be a factor.

    * BlackBerry must deliver on their promises, especially on the touch sensitive keyboard.

    I still believe 10.3 MUST HAVE a revamped Intelligent Assistant with extensive voice activated features. For business folks and power users, this is a must have especially when you have a steering wheel in your hands or just multitasking.

  2. Nice shapes. Screen is too small. Anything below 5″ today is considered sub par. I’d like try to try one. However BB needs to understand people want bigger screens. CPU is already old as well, 801 is out, 805 is coming.

    • You can’t compare for example a 2 Ghz cpu running windows 7 with the same cpu running Linux or OSx…Get the idea?
      It all comes down to functionality and capabilities and…compatibility with android applications.
      Time will tell…
      I thought the passport was due in November this year???oh well, must be the classic then.

  3. Hardware specs are useless and a marketing gimmick. But unfortunately consumers are brain washed into thinking otherwise. So it’s important to have state of the art specifications.
    The Passport is the most innovative smart phone ever created to date. And looking forward to seeing it in action. Though I am holding out for the full touch Z50 monster device.

  4. I really hope BlackBerry incorporates drawing capability including making letters in the keyboard.

  5. I am sold on its design. I am less sold on the screen size. With the mobile world going with bigger screens for content consumption also for long hours i have serious doubts this is a workable device for many users. I see everyone around me (including me) using 5.5 inches devices and UP (I also have a Lumia 1520). I’d buy a BB anytime to escape Google. I’ll wait to see one in real and use it However for the sake of my eyes i’d rather keep using big screen devices (including a bigger passport), rather than settling for less. Also, BB doesn’t have swipe functions on keyboard. BB fans will say keyboards are fast enough. However there are people who exclusively use swiping to type now. Going back to normal typing can be a turn off.

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