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BlackBerry Passport & BlackBerry Classic Shown of by John Chen


John Chen did the rounds after the AGM today with a running BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic in hand. This had quite a few people drooling including myself and left us torn between the Classic with its trackpad and the innovative keypad and screen of the Passport (formerly the Windermere or Q20)

IMG_2673 passport7

Thanks for CrackBerry, MobileSyrup, and @McCarthyRecord (Thx Pete) we have quite a few good shots of both devices being shown off by John Chen. All I can say is I want one. I hear the Passport feels nice in your hand even with its 1:1 ratio. I think Chen is grinning…


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  1. Couldn’t they just round off those sharp edges???
    I still hate the passport look but the chrome is doing a lot of good.
    I’ll get 2 please 🙂

  2. I’m running a white Q10 now so neither are likely in my future as I would have to pay full unsubsidized price.

    I would be more excited about the Passport if it had the tool belt like the Classic. Then again, I still miss my thumb wheel…

    That said, of all the known BB10 devices I do like the Passport the most.

    • Its like they have a totally safe device in the lineup along with a totally risky innovative one

      • Agree. Innovative but risky. I love the huge square screen. The format is great/ perfect. Go innovative Blackberry!! But there is always a “but” with these Canadians – the square edges and the missing belt may be a issue and force me to get the Classic. I noticed, they have the power port (if I see correctly) at the bottom for both models! Finally we may see a charging stand accessory! Ah something they had in the ’90s..
        All steps in the right direction. Now Mr. Chen.. we will be seen classic Blackberry chimes and sounds with BlackBerry 10.3? How about some real shortcuts to use those meaty keyboards for???? How about a convenience key to go along. And to topped of- can you guys add the classic notifications icons on the home screen and Call it a blackberry? Do I ask for to much? When you guys will do it right all the way?? Yes, you can do it Mr. Chen and trust me, nobody will complain for this features that worked great like 5 years ago. End of rant!!!

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