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What Does John Chen Think Of The Phone Market For BlackBerry?


Well, BlackBerry CEO John Chen had been flaked before with regards to the potential of dropping mobile phone segment before, but fast forward to now, the question has been posed again. What kind of mobile phone is John Chen going to target? Is this market still supportive?

Well, fortunately, again, the answer is yes.

The phones continue to be a good market and applications continue to be a good driver of it. And as I pointed out earlier I am going to be very focused on the high-end phones and very focused on the enterprise side of the equation and the enterprise applications. I think we chatted in the past about how regulated industry, the financial, health care and government, and that remains to be the number one focus of mine and my team and the rest of the consumer space we will reach out through our partners.

As you can see, just a day before the earnings report, he’s making quite a few nice statements and bold moves. What do you guys think?

Via Fox Business Network

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  1. He’s confirmed again that they’ve stopped caring for the consumer market. Those high-end phones are for specific markets and enthusiasts.

  2. John Chen is a smart man. He knows full well, without the consumer market, the enterprise would not grow. And based on this latest move, he continues to push forward with full out consumer support. Any device released by BlackBerry will be available for all to buy.

    And having the inclusion of the Amazon App Store, just clarifies further that hes pushing forward with his 4 strategy plan. Enterprise, devices, BBM and QNX.

    People will be surprised with tomorrows report.

    • That’s not the consumer market he’s targeting, that’s people working for regulated industries, etc. If the “play” side of Balance is good enough, enterprises can buy BlackBerry 10 devices for their employees without fearing too much backlash.
      After and if they start selling devices in significant numbers, then he can target the consumer market specifically with marketing campaigns stating that they have the apps, etc.

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