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Updated: Amazon Appstore on BlackBerry 10 to Focus on Android Apps


UPDATE: We received a clarification from BlackBerry that they will NOT have native apps in the Amazon Appstore but rather it will only focus on bringing broader Android app access to regular BlackBerry 10 users. This means that BlackBerry World will focus on native BlackBerry 10 apps for enterprise along with consumer and enterprise productivity apps. BlackBerry 10 converted Android apps can still come to BlackBerry World but BlackBerry is going to recommend that they bring them over to the Amazon Appstore.

BlackBerry confirmed for me today that partnering with Amazon goes beyond bringing Amazon’s Android apps to BlackBerry 10. They confirmed that developers will be able to post native BlackBerry 10 Apps on BOTH Amazon and BlackBerry World. The focus for BlackBerry World will be Enterprise and productivity apps but even native BlackBerry developers will be able to take advantage of Amazon’s much superior appstore platform.

BlackBerry specifically told us that:
BlackBerry World is going to continue to be run by BlackBerry as our own storefront.  We will focus on enterprise and productivity apps, while the Amazon Appstore will provide more of the consumer apps.

That means BlackBerry AND Amazon plan on helping developers (even native ones) to get their apps on both storefronts. I am still waiting to hear if the Amazon Appstore will be a native BlackBerry app though the Android port works just fine on my Z30.

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  1. Tim Neils answer to my question seems to contradict this:

    • Agreed. According to Tim, only Android apps will be on Amazon while native apps will only be in BlackBerry World. It seems however that BlackBerry will really be encouraging devs to write Android apps, and to convert existing native apps to Android to run on Amazon.

    • I just updated the post with a clarification from BlackBerry stating that only Android apps will be in the Amazon Appstore.

      • What they might have meant in the beginning is that the Amazon store will support BlackBerry 10 as a target for developers.

      • I’ve read that the AppStore will support both Native and Android.

        I do not like the idea of forcing Native developers to code for Android. What heck is that? Why would I code in Android so BB10 can run the app in half speed? I’m more pissed. This may be the end of developing for BB10.

  2. I’m guessing that unless on BES we won’t have access to BBW any more then. It doesn’t make sense to have 2 app store. Users will get frustrated trying to find solutions in both.

    • Time will tell but I don’t think it will be a problem having another app store available to use. I just downloaded Snap on my Z10 and it hasn’t made much of a difference. I still buy apps in app world (am actually more likely to do so) and only access Snap when there is a specific app I’m looking for and even then, I still have yet to buy an app on there (only free apps).

      • And, if it helps with the whole “lack of apps” public perception battle that BlackBerry has been fighting, I don’t see how partnering with Amazon wouldn’t be a good thing. Maybe they’ll have to navigate more carefully so that they’re still pushing the BB10 platform first and foremost but I don’t know that they’re in a position right now to NOT be doing this deal.

  3. I wonder if we’ll now see some Amazon love for Blackberry once again, native apps for music store, movies store, Kindle etc.

  4. Sounds a bit confusing … and I bet they don’t know themselves how all will pan out till they work out the details. They should keep blackberry world as is and just allow Amazon as a separate thing. I am not sold out that blackberry should keep their store “only for enterprise apps”. If they didn’t pay attention the count for whatever they thing qualifies as an enterprise apps is counted in hundreds may be less. Also, what makes application enterprise is also questionable. They have to be very carefull because this kind of announcement may send the wrong message to BB developers. The best way should be a native amazon world app to give bb access to apps, books, music and video. And blackberry world to stay the same as is without the music and video section.. Amazon shroud tweak their content/services to acknowledge the bb devices. They get a whole new class of customers and blackberry can concentrate to their stuff. Win win situation. Sending developers back and forward is not wise.

  5. I think overall is a excellent move at CEO level. Amazon, a content provider enters in agreement to Blackberry who is a mobile platform.
    It makes a lot of sense. When I switched from BlackBerry 7 to 10 one of the few things that I missed was the mp3 amazon application. Most of my music collection online was through Amazon. The only think they have to be careful is not to confuse or upset loyal BlackBerry developers. They should allow things not restrict developers. BlackBerry is still a unique platform and not everything android works for us. Like many already pointed out android apps will always be second class citizens on blackberry. But overall this is a great move in the right direction. I am looking forward to buy content from Amazon, less so apps. I already have 98 percent from what I need native in BlackBerry. Who whatever is living by the latest Android game, go ahead and get a Android device, thank you.

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