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BlackBerry Taking Preorders for Latest Run of Bold 9900 in Canada

Holiday BlackBerrys

In a true flashback move we have BlackBerry opening up preorders for the BlackBerry 9900 in Canada. This is a device that launched a few years back and is being brought back due to continued demand. John Chen has confirmed that BlackBerry plans on the production re-run of the 9900 to be profitable which explains the $399 price tag on the device. That is the more than it costs to get a much more feature rich Q10 in many countries.

My guess is this will help BlackBerry with the companies that are still die hard BlackBerry 7 users and their plans to help move them over with BES 12.

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  1. Smart move, i like it, i would love a 9900 for myself!!!!

  2. Once more, this shows what I was saying for years – finish to properly roll over their previous technologies that you had on os 7 to os 10 before worrying about new icons and colors. Not even the music player has the functionality it had before.
    All the beauty of os 7 productivity got lost in translation: shortcuts, feature rich hub, contacts, pim functions, text editing capabilities, third party plug ins in hub ( this is why you don’t have a proper spam filter), os 7 style home screen, were I can see at a glance hour, date, and all notification without any “swipe”, BIS technologies and goodies like holster support, overnight stand, convenience buttons, etc -the list goes on an on. The os 10 hub especially and pim functions needs to be light years ahead of competition. They still have a lot of work to do to bring it at the same reliability as the old one – and they seem not concerned about. This is their problem. They have to do one thing really well. They invented mobile email. Why they don’t focus to have the best email in the world on os 10 is beyond me instead of worrying how flat the colors are. Were are the “themes” from os 7 if we are talking customizations and colors??? I am not saying not to add new features, but they lost sight of the prize. They were suppose to take core technologies from os 7 and re-write for os 10. This is what the customers expected to find in a brand new blackberry.

  3. Another sign of a doom and gloom report by the end of this month…geez
    If they dig up a 3 year old phone and put it on the market instead of upping the specs and battery life on a new one, I’m afraid to ask how many BlackBerry 10 devices they sold this quarter…

  4. They have one more chance to get it right- BlackBerry classic with os 10.3. after that even a diehard user like me will pass them at “also running”, irrelevant category. So far they are adding very timid small features back from os 7. They should be adding all, at least pim related. This should be the biggest priority. Somebody, former BlackBerry user checking out Classic in the store should say “ooaau” is super fast, plays movies but also has a keyboard with shortcuts and almost the same functions as my former BlackBerry -I am buying it!! How many wasteful projects are they running at Blackberry? 50? I would cancel half of them and triple the people working on core assignments.
    Everybody is talking cloud, even my mother in law. Why for the life of me they don’t create (or buy) an online secure email service (with push email and encryption) with a drop-box like functionality? Why they don’t release bbm for desktop? These are so obvious questions. I would pay like $30-40 per year for a Canadian based email service with advanced features that goes to desktop and integrate with BlackBerry via advanced push mail.
    Also devices wise – marketing and promotions are wonderfully absent at least in usa who should be a key market if not the most important of all. They should be working overtime day and night to catch up with competition, not hire Alicia Keys who is actually a great singer but anything than BlackBerry needed. They should at least for a while discount their phones -so to make it enticing for people to go for os 10 instead of running overpriced os 7 phones. Who is the core client for those bold phones? I can not image one. I would buy one if it cost 150-$200 unlocked. Is a very good phone but morally totally superseded. they will create more confusion about what os10 is capable of if they price it the same. Is one more goofy move from their side…

  5. I’ve used a BOLD for years now, and upgraded to a Q5. I find the Q5 a lot more productive. Sure the BB7 OS has some unique features, but the BB10 experience is superior.

  6. How do you upgrade your blackberry 9900 to Q10….???help

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