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theScore Updates their BlackBerry 10 App – Switches to Android Port

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BlackBerry got some bad news from long time rockstar developer theScore. They have updated their BlackBerry 10 app to bring it in line with their Android and iOS app but sadly this is because they converted their slick native BlackBerry 10 app to simply a port of their Android app. This means users lose push alerts and settings from the app and the older BlackBerry 10 native app will soon lose support. TheScore explained on CrackBerry why they made the move which is a bit bittersweet:

James from theScore here. Thanks for all the comments regarding the recent switch. We appreciate all the honest and forthright comments.
This update was designed to ensure Blackberry users are able to receive a great mobile sports experience that’s comparable to theScore on other devices, providing access to improved news, additional leagues and better all round performance and functionality. A full list of the new features, leagues and sports can be found here:…-blackberry-10
Unfortunately – as several of you have pointed out – technical restrictions relating to porting our Android app to the BB10 operating system means we are unable to effectively deliver Push Alerts as a result of this latest update. We apologize for any inconvenience. However, you can still follow all the latest scores, stats and news on the leagues, teams and players you care about in real-time through the Feed feature in My Score.
In terms of sticking with a native BB10 app, we have to make decisions around prioritizing the workload of our in-house development teams and currently their focus is primarily on our iOS and Android platforms. However, every effort is still made to ensure Blackberry users continue to receive a great mobile sports experience, which was the main reason behind us making theScore experience on Android available on BB10.
Finally – just to clarify – theScore is not owned by Rogers Sportsnet. They purchased the TV business in 2012, but the digital company (theScore, Inc.) remains independently run.
Thanks again for all the feedback. And if you want to reach out to our team directly with questions or any additional feedback you can do so anytime via thescoreapp(at)thescore(dot)com.

Its sad that if a company like TheScore cannot keep up a native app… especially after successfully keeping a solid app. My guess is this also has to do with the Adobe Air platform no longer being supported in 10.3.1 and deprecating it in the future.

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  1. Adobe air was crap, anyway. They ‘D be far better off to develop in native Cascades and then port to other platforms…

  2. No ports for me.

  3. While it would be nice if a quality native app existed, I’m not surprised to see this one retired. “Push” never worked in a timely manner. And the android version is a much better app. (faster and more responsive too)

    Though the bbos version was in fact a great app but I believe a different developer.

  4. It runs ok actually but I prefer my NFL, MLB and NHL apps. All native and all very good.

  5. blackberry’s survival in the consumer space – which might get the axe if John Chen’s decides that enough is enough (lack of apps, low phone sale, a true vicious circle) is entirely dependent on Android compatibility.

    The migration of consumer BB10 apps towards android is inevitable. lets hope the runtime is up to snuff. It wasnt when Microsoft release its Office mobile suite.

  6. I’m not bothered by the switch. To be honest, the push alerts didn’t work with any BB10. Last one I had was with BlackBerry Legacy devices.

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