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Australian Mac And iOS Users Locked Out And Held For Ransom


Well, I know many users of BlackBerry have jumped across to the likes of Apple and Android, and if you are still thinking whether or not, well, this might make you think twice. iPhone, iPad and Mac owners in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria have been affected by the attack. The hackers whom are responsible are directing owners to pay up to $100 to release their devices.

Apparently, the hackers appear to have gained access to users’ iCloud accounts as multiple devices show the same message simultaneously.

Unfortunately for the hackers though, not all of their targets have been affected, since the FindMyiPhone is so limited, where one can only set a password and lock a device that has no password on it.

Apple has a workaround, which was to restore the iphone from a backup, but that means data lost and for those without backups, its good luck!

Via Appleinsider

Well, Apple users, have you been locked out yet? 😉

Image credit: Cult of mac

Update: Apparently on the 21 May, a team of hackers claimed they have successfully compromised Apple’s iCloud, with the group informing Apple since March. In even an better twist, apple deliberately left out the certifying of the certificate to ensure proper SSL or secure communication which allowed this hack to happen. Even though the hackers did mention that it has nothing to do with that SSL bug, its up for everyone to guess!

Via Macrumors

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  1. And this is one of the reasons I chose BlackBerry….

  2. Slow down and wait please, because this has affected PCs as well and the ransom to unlock the computers was very expensive ($500 or more in bitcoin or other currency) and even when people pay up, the hackers don’t hand out the codes before the deadline of wiping out their PCs.
    Basically those who have been hit once were hit again especially those who paid…
    Don’t forget that BlackBerry’s blog was hacked a few years ago about a riot in the UK so…until this disaster malware has a cure (which it doesn’t) then who knows who can get affected by it.
    Don’t forget, BlackBerry users are now installing a lot of android applications so who knows…there is a reason for their disclaimer.

  3. So, uh, how hard would it be to just trace where the payment is supposed to be sent down to the final deposit/withdrawal account? I’m not a hacker, but something seems a little flawed in their plan.

  4. Hackers ramp up computer attacks that demand ‘ransom’? Ya right. Unplucg your PC from the internet, and clean her out. DONE.

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