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Will 128GB MicroSD Cards Work With The BlackBerry Smartphone?


One question many users have asked me is, will the new 128GB memory cards work? Well, we have the answer for you here! Read on for it!


As you can see above, yes the card will work! However, you will need to tinker a little before it will work though, just like the 64GB memory cards.

First, you will need to format the card on your computer to FAT-32 first before popping it into your device, else, the device would not recognize it.

So, if your running out of storage like me, go ahead and pop one of this baby’s into your phone! Note, though that the card is currently only offered by Sandisk and it has a limited speed of 30mb/s unlike the 64GB’s extreme versions.

As far as testing will go, I have tried this on Z10, Q10 and Z30. Let us know if you have tried any others!

Via OurBerries

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  1. Where is that exFat support?…

    • That was exactly my question, why didn’t you let the phone format the card itself and let it decide what’s best for it?
      A lot of people including Ronen when he first got the Z10 01/2013, the phone never settled in right till the card was formatted in the phone and, 10.2.X seems to like to have its own format done on the device otherwise it would clog up in no time (AKA, run out of space) for no obvious reason.
      But, glad to know that it works…thanks.

      • Actually, what I did was format twicve- one on pc one on phone.

        Weird thingwas, the card wasn’t even detected out of box by the phone (before pc format)

        • Yeah that’s the sequence I did as well but I skipped the PC part on my 64 GB card.

          • For some reason, it works with 64gb/z10 or z30 but the card was not even detected with the 128gb… until i formatted it on PC

            • It’s probably the native block size format of the 128GB card. My guess would be that it uses an 8K or 16K block size that the phones can’t read yet. When formatted “down” to a 4K block size makes the card readable by the phone, but it also makes the card “slower,” if you know what I mean. Just a guess.

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