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Chen States That “BlackBerry Runs 98% of all the Android Apps”

BBM Cross Platform

It seems like BlackBerry 10s Android Runtime is going to be touted as more of a feature in the near future. In the interview we mentioned previously with the WSJ, John Chen stated that BlackBerry is all about the quality of the phone paired with the software which he thinks gives it an edge over Android. He breaks it down to build quality, BBM, a great OS, and security. The last thing he mentions is that it runs 98% of Android apps which he says “All BlackBerry Die-Hards know.”

I guess that makes us die-hards? Personally I was impressed with this video that Jason sent me from lawguyman on CrackBerry Forums where he compares side by side Android performance from a Z30 running the latest 10.3 leak (Android 4.3) compared to a Nexus 4 with KitKat (Android 4.4). The specs are close so its nice to see that BlackBerry 10 is almost up to par with native Android:

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  1. Loading 98% of the entire store doesn’t matter if you’re missing key ones and if the experience is sub-par, but I have big hopes for 10.3 🙂

    • Exactly! Like if Candy Crush is in that 2% … (at least the newer releases seem to be.)

      • Come on guys! 98% of the Android apps is an incredible feat and BlackBerry must be commended! If you want only Android stuff, then get one. But if you want a great device that does so much more, but has a few missing apps, then you’ll probably get those with BlackBerry 10.3. BlackBerry is offering tremendous value in a solid, secure device. Imagine that those Android apps are now running in a more secure environment too! I think the 2% are the Google apps, where Google may want some licensing fees from BlackBerry to run those and connect to their servers.

  2. In the past people complained about no app for BB, now BB has 98% of Android, I believe still they still have other complained, now Apple has less app than BB.

  3. Running and running well are 2 different things. My experience has been very so so. That said Netflix and Instagram both work well so I’m generally happy.

  4. They just need to find a way to tap into an app store that makes android apps easier to access for regular users

    • That’s the first step 😉

      They still need to create a BlackBerry ROM with better privacy features and a UI which matches the base OS. There are probably some limitations like the copy/paste dialogs if Google doesn’t let OEMs customise that, but it should be possible to make it so that you get the feeling that you’re using one OS and not two.

  5. I’m just glad they got the share menu down

  6. these comments make me laff. While i agree that app performance is a crucial point of the experience, It should be noted, when the next OS figures out how to run dual OS apps. The marketing is going to be loud,proud and crazy. So instead of finding blame points for BB, it might be more constructive to provide feedback to BB while touting the fact the we use the most unique and productive OS in the game.


  7. BB10 runs Android apps, but not very well.

    • That was BB 10.2 This is BB 10.3 that runs the latest Android runtime. You can’t compare your 10.2 experience to this. The videos speak for themselves – this is significantly better performance and overall support for Android apps. I can’t wait to get it now.

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