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BlackBerry Blasts Rivals Good & MobileIron Over Mounting Losses


I am loving Eric Lai’s latest writeup on BlackBerry’s competitors on BlackBerry’s official blogs. After years of “taking their lumps” from upstart Good Technologies and MobileIron pointing towards “BlackBerry’s eminent demise” we now see some signs of BlackBerry finally fighting back. I am not sure if it was BlackBerry just being “Canadian” but they refused to fight back directly… Until now!

Eric does a masterful job of laying out their competitors financial statements from Good technolgies IPO filing and MobileIron’s filings and highlighting how bad things are at these companies. Both Good and MobileIron are operating at losses every quarter that amount to over 30% of revenue. At the current burn rate Good will be out of business by the end of September if their IPO filing does not get executed before that. Good had a whopping $118 million net loss on $160 million in revenue. That is just plain ridiculous for a company that claims it has a better chance of sticking around than BlackBerry.

MobileIron has been public for awhile and they reported a net loss of $32.5 million on $105 million of revenue last year. On top of that MobileIron continues to push off their IPO due to these difficulties going public when you are reporting such high losses.

Either way its nice to see BlackBerry fighting back. Kudos to Eric Lai for spearing the effort!

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  1. Do you feel the burn, Good? MobileIron?

  2. Consider removing the word “out” from the title. It is misleading. I thought it suggested BB struck out! Haha!

  3. It’s about time BlackBerry fight back in a pro manner, making both Good and MobileIron look like crap.
    What company in the right mind would go for Good anyway? They are on the verge of filing Chapter 11. lol

  4. And how much is the net loss (if any) at BlackBerry?
    Just so we can compare blackberries to the rest of its competitors…

  5. Seems if you are talking losses for Good and MobileIron, isn’t it only fair to put a little in these articles about Blachberry’s huge losses and the fact that BYOD programs are everywhere in the enterprise and pretty much equate to BB replacement programs? BB should take that cash pile and buy one of the remaining MDM vendors. At least that will give you a seat at the table.

    • BlackBerry already has the most powerful and flexible MDM but you say they should buy these failing companies to get a seat at the table?

      • Ha… obviously you are part of the BB turnaround / hope marketing strategy. My only BB regret is I got out too early and shorted from the mid 70s to the break into the high 40s…should of held. and let me guess, you are still long? Meanwhile while your revenues have compressed dramatically; Good, AirWatch and MobileIron have grown their revenues 5-9x in the last 3 years. Which company is failing? Good luck in your next endeavor.

    • Oh I think you missed the point. The idea is that these MDM’s have been screaming from the rooftops how you need to switch from BlackBerry because they may not be around next quarter. Turns out that they should be including themselves in that assessment. The irony is that the one most guilty of this is Good which is pretty bad shape right now. MobileIron on the other hand is actually increasing their losses at a faster rate than they are increasing their sales…

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