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New “Speed Triage” BlackBerry Hub Mode is Awesome on OS 10.3

Speed Tirage2 Speed Tirage

BlackBerry really seems to be intent on improving their power user credibility with BlackBerry OS 10.3. The latest leak is showing an awesome new feature called “Speed Triage” mode in the BlackBerry Hub. This allows you to select two action options that you can toggle to show up on every single email in the hub. For example, the default options are to one click delete the email or easily file the email. This is almost as good as being able to swipe the email to delete it… (Though I still want that)

BlackBerry also gives you the ability to take back your action in speed triage which is nice for those “oh [email protected]” scenarios.

Kudos to Chuck Foltz for the screenshots on CB Forums. I’m having some issues with my SDK OS that is messing up all my screenshots. I may just resort to a video…

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  1. Now if only those actions could show up in the Instant Previews 😉

  2. They need something for BlackBerry 10.4

    • 😀

    • 10.4 is shaping to be a BIG update 😉

      • IF it’s even called 10.4 😉

      • I think 10.3 is shaping up to be BIG.

        I like most of what I see. Improvements to the Android runtime will be very much welcomed because I have noticed a sharp drop in new commitments to write native BB apps. I attribute this 100% to the company’s continued media stumbles and poor communication going back to last summer – ‘open to takeovers’, ‘up for sale’, ‘nothing is for certain’, ‘may sell the hardware business’, etc.

        They need to stop speaking negative words – make a commitment to use positive words. Spin the negative to positive! Say “we are committed to BB10 and BB devices… plus the enterprise and BBM”. Make some firm statements. It doesn’t mean you can’t change those in 2 years – stuff happens, economies change, people move on.

    • LOL, but I never like holding stuff back 🙂 Just bring it!

      Actually, it would really please me if they allowed me to Share emails to Remember permanently – that is, make a copy of the email. Currently, sharing works the same in all apps but in the hub. I can’t share to Remember except by flagging messages, and I cannot choose what Remember folder to file those into.

      They really need to disassociate flagging emails with sharing to Remember. Flagging puts stuff in this big bin of unknowns, and they age off the device after 30 days as your emails age off the device. That is ridiculous. There is no way to file an email to Remember permanently unless you copy & paste.

      The one good thing is I can share attachments to Remember, but sometimes I want the entire message to be “remembered” 🙂

  3. This update is shaping up to be amazing. Greatly looking forward to this.
    Regarding DEV’s and BB10 native app support, BlackBerry needs to somehow beef up its efforts to assist them and to attract new DEV’s to this great platform.
    Hopefully the Z3 gains significant sales, as to motivate more native app development.
    I’ve yet to see any effective marketing if not any. I did hear John Chen speak about building Carrier relations and putting $ into Carriers so they can jointly and effectively market and teach about BB10 hardware.

    • Looks like we’ll still have to wait several months (October) before offically getting it:
      “…BlackBerry 10.3 is targeted only for new device hardware being introduced later this year…”
      “…BlackBerry 10.3.1 will also be available to all current BlackBerry 10 smartphones…”

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