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BlackBerry 10.3 Bringing Panorama, Face Detection, & Multiple Time Shift Camera Features


BlackBerry is making some huge improvements in the BlackBerry 10 camera that have shown up in the latest OS 10.3 leak. First of all we are seeing an awesome implementation of panorama mode that we saw in a previous leak. My favorite addition is them adding the ability to save the full Time Shift capture so that you can keep on moving between the Time Shift even after you took the picture. This means you no longer need to decide on the perfect Time Shift when you take the picture and instead can save the whole Time Shift for you to select later and save multiple shots. The way to do it is to hit what I call the “clock edit” button instead of the checkmark after taking the Time Shift picture.

OS 10.3 is also adding face detection like we saw in earlier builds. I also like how it now does not take a picture when you tap anywhere on the screen. Instead it just focuses on where you tap and then lets you take the picture with the camera button. There also seems to be a new Auto Suggest option but I am not sure what it does…

Kudos Flip4Bytes on CrackBerry forums for the screenshots. He also noticed some nice improvements like the scrolling between active frames now being fluid instead of that stupid jumping stack animation. It also remembers what page (vertically) of the active frames you were on when you come back to that homescreen page.

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  1. STUPIDEST THING EVER.. that active frames doesn’t go to the top.. If i open an app by accident, I have to now SCROLL down and locate the app then close it, when BEFORE i KNEW it would be at the top left corner

  2. HDR video shooting has also been added

  3. Yeah in not sure why they made that change to active frames. I’m hearing it is still being decided but is pretty much final.
    Thanks Buddy I forgot about HDR

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