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Android Apps Get Major Speed Boost in BlackBerry 10.3 Leak – Gets Native Sharing

Android speed

I have been playing around with the leaked OS 10.3 and I have to say I am finding improvements left and right. The one that really stuck out to me is that after the OS settled down I noticed a DRASTIC improvement in the speed of Android apps. First of all the Android apps now launch super fast with most of them opening in less than a second or two. At first I had a bit of slow downs but now its like night and day. I am not sure if this is attributable to the Android Runtime being updated to Android 4.3 but either way they really did some wonders with performance.

The other major improvement in the Android runtime is that it FINALLY ties into the native share menu. That means you can share to the native apps sharing menu just like a native BlackBerry 10 app. There are lots of other improvements like better notifications (with actions!) and some better account integration but it seems like BlackBerry is doing some serious work on the Android runtime.

Kudos to whomever at BlackBerry is working on this and hopefully this leads to a more native experience for Android apps on BlackBerry 10. This is important as BlackBerry is not getting great traction with native apps from large developers…

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  1. Is push notifications coming with this? What do you mean by notifications (action)

  2. I think those would require Google play services

  3. Would it be possible for you to extract the Android runtime and provide a link? Thank you

  4. I did notice the faster launch, but not the improved speed in apps… Still a lot of lag when scrolling or revealing side menus on a Z10. Maybe it needs a faster GPU.

  5. I would not suggest just loading the runtime. That can lead to issues. Any thoughts Ofutur? The launch time was drastically improved but list performance and panning is much faster in apps

  6. it was just confirmed on twitter push is not coming for 10.3.. the push we want..

    check out my twttier, lamarstarr

  7. All sounds good. Hoping for a new all touch BlackBerry in the fall with a faster CPU and more memory to really get those android apps going.

  8. Yes, I was hoping for an Android Runtime upgrade. Hopefully it gets my Candy Crush working again. It’s been unable to start ever since I tried upgrading a couple of months ago. Haven’t figured out how to fix it and I’m afraid to uninstall and re-install an older version since I was somewhere in the 200’s and don’t want to lose my progress. Yes, I know, not at all significant in the grand scheme of things but I’d be surprised if I’m the only one with that on their mind 🙂

    • Have you not found a way to backup game save data?

      • Well, no. I do not use Facebook so that option is out. From what I have researched, it is just about impossible to do otherwise on a straight Android device, let alone a BlackBerry device on which rooting is not possible. If you have a non-Facebook solution, I’d LOVE to hear it. 🙂 Although I am probably leading a more productive life since Candy Crush broke 🙂

  9. Facebook syncing is the way to go but the other popular option is to backup everything in Link and then make sure to sideload your Android apps BEFORE restoring the data

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