Strategy Number Game 2048 and Tricks to Win

The addictive strategy number game 2048 is finally available for BlackBerry users. The game rules are simple–swipe up, down, left or right to move the tiles to make the number 2048. When two same tiles are moved to one direction, they merge and become the sum. For example, if two number-2 tiles are merged, they become a number-4 tile; when two number-4 tiles are merged, they will become a number-8 tile… Once you get two 1024 tiles together, you will have 2048 and win! Once you can’t move anymore, you lose.

Just in case the game drives you mad before you beat the game, we found three tips from Pictures of Nepal to help you beat the game.

Trick 1: Do not swipe up unless you have no more available moves.

Trick 2: Try your best to keep the high value blocks in the bottom row. In the bottom row, arrange the tile numbers in a descending order from left to right. But in the last second row, arrange the numbers in descending order from right to left (See a picture below).


Trick3: Once you achieve the above pattern, it’s easy to merge and achieve the goal. 8+8=16, 16+16=32, … 1024+1024=2048.

Ready? Are you smart enough to play? Download it for free in BlackBerry World.

What’s the highest number you can make in this game?


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