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Turbo Reader App Promises to Help You Speed Read


Turbo Reader claims it can “easily raise your reading speed.” I downloaded the free version of the app and tested it out. Turbo Reader is simply designed to help users eliminate time spent moving their eyes between words. You may ask “how?”

To use the app, copy the text of any article you want to read. Second, open the app and paste the text into Turbo Reader. Last, hit “play.” All the words in your article will then flash on your screen one by one until you’ve read the entire article. In this way, the app forces your eyes to quickly move on to the next word while you’re reading. (In the free version, you can’t control how fast the words flash.)

This is an interesting concept in app development, though the downside is that you have to find your own reading text to paste into the app. For example, this could be inconvenient for people in the subway who want to speed read, but have no Internet connection to find materials.

Does this concept really work? Only time will tell after dedicated practice. To unlock all features, you need to pay $0.99 after downloading the free version. Just for fun you can test yourself using a free speed-reading test sponsored by Staples. The site lets you compare your reading speed to the average speed in the nation.

Here’s a link to download the free version of Turbo Reader in BlackBerry World. Don’t forget to come back and tell us how you like the app.


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  1. they need to get “Spritz” API asap.

    There is a copy of spritz with compeltely open API named gritz but it’s not the same.

    Spritz isn’t an open API but they are letting developers work with them for apps. Right now it’s only available on Samsung S5.
    Faster Reader is the best hacked Spritz app on the market but it’s only for Android.

  2. it doesn’t work on the Q10. It says “unavailable for this device”

  3. Works flawlessly on my Q10/TMobile/USA/NYC

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