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Was There A Factor Behind T-Mobile And BlackBerry Fallout?

John Legere Gold Twitter

In the aftermath of the T-Mobile and BlackBerry Saga, it seems like John Legere is enjoying his fame. Or was there more to meet the eye? John Legere received a nice present yesterday from HTC America, in the form of a 24-carat gold HTC One, as well as one from Samsung USA, a gold Samsung Galaxy S5.

So whilst John Legere has to make the tough choice of using the new HTC One and annoy Samsung OR use his new Samsung Galaxy S5 and annoy HTC, let’s think of the conspiracy theory. Could there be one behind this mess?

On the other hand, it would really be interesting if BlackBerry, Nokia and Apple sent him a gold device each, as well, to fill his gold collection and force him to choose one…

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  1. He can go and choke on both of them for all I care…

    On a serious note though, almost every big business uses some dirty tactics at times.

  2. T-mobile was definitely in the wrong here. BlackBerry did a good thing by ditching them. Better to focus on the big 2.

  3. Legere is a joke, and obviously living in a corporate pocket somewhere. Personally I think he makes tmobile look like a huge joke. You know, kind of like the dork nobody likes trying to act all cool for our approval. And now the HTC and Samsung thing is going to piss off his beloved iphone sheep.

  4. No chance of BlackBerry sending him anything now that the relationship is toast. A platinum Porsche Design Z10 would be sweet, though! And Apple is into taking money, not giving away freebies. He won’t be receiving a gold iPhone.

  5. Who the hell is this John Legere??

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