Review: BlackBerry Z30 Leather Flip Case


Apart from the classic leather pouch, here’s another casing from BlackBerry. This casing concept is relatively new from BlackBerry, I have only seen it first sprout out since BlackBerry Z10. The BlackBerry Z30 Leather Flip case whilst amends the mistakes that the Z10’s version (non-leather) brought about, it also removes the ability to use it as a stand.


Similar to that of the Leather Pouch, the Leather Flip case uses the same type of leather, which is the rugged kind of leather, or the premium leather, which is what the call it.


The case is essentially a plastic back, with a leather flap built onto it.


Yes, the case requires you to remove the nice glass-woven battery door and replace with this. That said, it was to make it have less bulk as possible. Note that because of this, this has a small issue which we will take a look at later.


The case as you can see, hinges onto the device tightly, to give it a snug fit. However, most of the time, when dropped, the case and the device would go separate ways.


Otherwise, a very nice fit is given by the case. Note though because the flap is sealed and it is covering left to right, the USB ports, HDMI ports are all covered up. Which again means that charging, or displaying media through the micro-HDMI cable is a real hassle!


The internal of the outside (flap) is lined with microfibre which helps to clean the screen to an extent, however, for long term use, I have not yet figured out how to clean it. Additionally, there’s a small little plastic to emulate the LED notification light. This means that the light will not only be able to be seen, it won’t be too bright on the black setting.


As such, it remains both flush yet functional, which is a great improvement over that of the Z10’s flip case. The leather flip, also includes a power saving magnet, which would turn the screen off automatically once the flap is covering the screen.

All in all, this is one great cover, although it does inevitably adds some bulk to the device. So what was the problem with the case? Well, some of you might have known, the BlackBerry Z30 Verizon edition has an extra feature – wireless charging. For verizon devices, however, it seems like the catches on the back for the battery cover is different than that of the regular devices. As such, the regular BlackBerry Z30 Leather Flip case will not fit verizon devices.


Did BlackBerry make cases for Verizon specifically? I am not too sure, but if your a Verizon device user, avoid this case. Otherwise, for right-handed users, this case would work perfect. The ire of having to leave the leather flap open whilst charging might be too much for some but hey, you could still answer your phone calls with the flap closed.

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