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“Username or Password Incorrect!” Aww… I know you hate this line, because the computer never tells you which one is incorrect. Then, you decide to create a new account. “Your password is too weak!” Because it must contain stuff that you will totally forget by tomorrow. Calm down. Stop pulling your hair. We found you a possible solution— Symple ID, a Kickstarter project.


Symple ID remembers your login information, so you don’t have to. When you visit a site or an application, Symple ID will prompt you to “tap to sign-in.” Then you tap your Symple ID key fob, card or wristband to your phone. Just like the gif above. Done. You are in. Best of all the software will support BlackBerry 10 and legacy BlackBerry OS devices that have NFC along with Android. There is also desktop access to the password manager through Google chrome on windows and Mac.


Is it secure? Symple ID uses NFC tags. NFC is short for the term Near Field Communication. NFC tags allow you to snag digital information with your smartphone at a short range. It has been widely used around the world. But like using any other evolving digital magic, you need to be aware of this security risks you’re taking. For example, keep away your NFC tag from strangers’ phones or any unknown devices.


This Kickstarter project still needs more backers to support its C$20,000 funding goal before the deadline: April 30, 12 PM. To date, the project only raised C$2.419, around ten percent towards its goal. If you want to be an early bird to pre-oreder Symple ID, you can pledge C$25 to get the app (Free to download in BlackBerry World), the service and one NFC wristband.

Below is a demo by the project founder, Richard Fox-Ivey.

 Via Kickstarter

How do you remember all your passwords?

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  1. The “security risk” they mentioned is a deal breaker; other wise it sounds great.

    • Hi there, I’m founder of Symple ID and thought that I would respond to the concern raised above.

      The comment about security risks actually came from the BerryReview author @Peixin and, while well-intentioned, is misleading in this case.

      Here is why: we don’t actually store any of your credentials no the tag 🙂

      The information stored on the tag is of no use to anyone else without your unlocked phone and without your paired laptop/desktop. If someone else were to read your tag they would have a long randomly-generated number and nothing else…

      Furthermore, tags contain two kinds of information; one kind which can be copied between tags and another which is hard-coded (think of this part as a serial number). While this part can be read by other phones, it cannot be written to other tags. The whole point of this design feature is to protect users against their tags from being “cloned” and used in appropriately.

      Feel free to ask me any other security related questions and to have a look at the campaign which contains security details as well.



      • Thank you for responding to my comment and setting things straight with the facts.
        I went ahead and downloaded your App from BlackBerry World to my Q10 and filled out the registration. I am hopeful and wish you the best success in your company as many of us will reap the benefits.
        Thanks again,

  2. Hi Artie, glad to hear it! Our beta is now closed, but you can pre-order Symple ID through our Kickstarter campaign…if you sign-up before the deadline:

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