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BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1.x Scheduled to be End of Life in April


Right after BlackBerry released a small OS update for the PlayBook today Jamie pointed out this little tidbit spotted by my buddy Lucas @N4BB. BlackBerry has the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1.x and 2.0.x scheduled to be end of sale and support in April 2014. That would be a real shame but not unexpected. On the other hand we have been hearing rumors swirling for over a year about BlackBerry 10 possibly coming to the device but I have not heard anything from solid sources. Either way I hope BlackBerry breathes some life into the platform somehow since it would be a real shame to just let it die.

What do you think?

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  1. Here’s hoping. They should release a BB10 update, even if it isn’t the full update, then they could remarket it as a new device.

  2. I went on faith and picked up a playbook 64gb based on the belief i was pre-investing in something that would eventually get BB10 OS.

    When they reneged on that promise and decided not to follow through, I officially gave up on blackberry. Break the faith of your faithful early adopters and you lose a loyal customer forever.

    … that said i love the fact that I have this awesome 64Gb paperweight with no apps now. Every couple of months I fire it up to see if there are any app updates of interest… nothing. What a waste.

    • You officially gave up on BlackBerry? So why are you still on a BlackBerry-centric site?

      • I’m guessing for the same reason as me. I was a faithful business user of all things blackberry but now I have changed to Apple products. Apple products, have long term support and more functionality.
        I still have a bold 9900 and bold 9790 gathering dust next to my playbook. I occasionally check to see if blackberry have done anything to help their playbook customers.

  3. What would be nice is of BlackBerry somehow gave it a new breath of life somehow. Even just updating the Android runtime

    • It doesn’t have enough RAM to run BB10 let alone an Android Runtime. They really ought not to have given up the business tablet market. The PlayBook was an awesome first attempt, and even with an unfinished OS, it did gain some traction.

      Again, a lack of advertising compounded with all the uncertainty created by BlackBerry execs in the past year. I hope Chen will continue to be more positive in his comments.

      • Yes, I do want a BB10 PlayBook soon! Mine is aging and will be EOL. Honestly, they should not EOL it so soon before a replacement comes along. With no security updates coming, many will be forced to move to other competing platforms.

  4. I was just tickled pink to see a up date on my PB this morning I have to say. I just love my PB, only draw back I have is not being able to load a android app called Health Tracker for my hubby 🙁 I ended up getting a iPod an issue have to say I am not a fan of Apple. PB is a dream compared to Apple. BlackBerry please keep us alive!

  5. Throw us a bone, Brother Chen: Netflix with a Chromecast button. As a standalone streamed, the PlayBook does a nice job. Adding the option of flinging media to any TV in the house would give the unit some real utility.

  6. *standalone streamer

  7. Smartest thing they could public relations-wise. Netflix would be the cherry on the cake.

    Does anyone know what the new features are? What are we getting besides an improved OS?

  8. I think they should continue upgrading the PlayBook because: a. They have no other tablet in the market; b. To continue the good will of consumers who bought into their product; c. It’s a complementary tool for the BlackBerry phone and should be upgraded with it.

  9. I agree there is no harm in updating the Playbook , There is a lot of good PR in doing so. It is a small bone to give those that BELIEVE in Blackberry an I would not throw that kind of PR away.

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