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BlackBerry Z3 To Have A LTE Version Soon!

BlackBerry Z3 (single device)

Earlier on, when the BlackBerry Z3 was first released, John said that the device will come in mainly a 3G variant. It will launch next month in the Indonesia, and coming to Thailand and India next. Taking only just 4 months to complete the design and manufacturing, it will feature a LTE variant next.

Still, as a low end device coming out at this point in time, will you bite it?

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  1. This handset is extremely important and BB ace in the hole to have bigger sales then BB OS 7 devices. I know for a fact this phone will sell well in emerging markets as its not BB10 or the Phone hardware is the problem but the pricing look at the Z10 India Price slash got sold out quickly and just got restocked recently. The Z3 with a 5 inch screen big huge battery and BB 10.2.1 and soon 10.3 this phone will blow away the low end android and windows phone easily since BB10 software is superior to iOS and Android (Kit Kat).

  2. Nah. It’s good that it’s coming, but my Z10’s features and form factor suit me just fine for now.

    • But who is talking about the Z10?!? I am talking about the Z3…its a phone under $200 this is what was hurting BB in the global market especially in the emerging markets…while I agree the Z10 is a much better phone (Except for the battery life) unless its priced under $200 dollars the Z3 will be the phone that will get BB10 in peoples hands not the Z10 ultimately…..

      • I was answering the question at the end of the blog post. If someone already has a Z10/Q10, why would they “downgrade” to a Z3 just to get a bigger screen? If they want a bigger screen, they’ll opt for a Z30 and the better specs that come with it. So I doubt any current BB10 users will “bite.”

        • But this is isn’t meant for current users…remember it’s a low end blackberry phone to grab people who cannot afford the z10 or q10 or z30…the question wasn’t saying as current blackberry 10 user will you bite….heck no I have the z30 any current blackberry 10 user will never get this phone it isn’t meant for us at all its meant for people who want to try out bb10 but doesn’t have the $300 for a z10 or $500 for a z30 it’s meant to increase the adoption rate of bb10 to the masses who want bb10 at a much lower price point this phone is mainly towards the emerging markets and the lte version is meant for global release for those who want to try it out and a much cheaper price point then the current bb10 phones that are priced much higher

  3. This is a low end device coupled by the most robust, elegant most advanced mobile OS in the world. Suddenly this Z3 device is no longer a low end device. Good Job BBRY.

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