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John Chen Declares War On Leaks Including One Specific Individual


BlackBerry has always had a problem with leaks coming from their organization. Now BlackBerry’s new CEO, John Chen, is going all out to stop leakers. He hit the official blog with a post on how leaks that cross the line into stealing confidential information are going to be prosecuted. He said one party in particular is on their radar. Somebody posed as an employee of a carrier partner to get access to BlackBerrys networks. It should be interesting if this truly means an end to leaks. I just hope this does not mean that they plan on going after OS leaks since those are at least helping BlackBerry retain users.

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  1. I think Mr. Chen needs to have an alternative in place before he declares war on leaks. As you noted, leaks have saved Blackberry/RIM many customers over the years, including myself. I agree that leaks like 10.3 could be negative, but the small incremental leaks that we all look forward too are helping to maintain the user base with improved functionality.

    If Mr. Chen wants to do without leaks he should a)remove carriers from the software release lock b) have BBRY make available monthly updates on the website and push releases to users on a quarterly basis.

    I know I have saved at least 4 people from ditching their Z10 and Q10 by giving them a leak that fixed some very serious functionality issues in 10.0 and early 10.1. The carriers where very slow to upgrade.

    There is an underlying reason why BB users crave leaks….some of the functionality was missing in the first place and the carriers are not interested in improving the Blackberry user experience.

    • Apple set the model for OS updates via the carriers. BlackBerry HAD the opportunity to push a similar model. However, that opportunity was squandered by past leaders who were so in to kissing the backsides of the carriers that they could never perceive of the user of a smartphone being their customer. Now their market share is so small they have ZERO leverage. As much as I would personally love to be able to get OS updates direct, we are unlikely to ever see that in the USA. 🙁

  2. Chen wants BlackBerry users to enjoy a new OS as working properly right out and not have half baked OSes running around. It’s nice to have the good OS leak early like but not the crazy 3 leaks per day we used to have. Also that just confirms my theory that Heins was letting the leaks go by but Chen isn’t.
    Chen will literally put a lot of BlackBerry websites out of business if he speaks like that, he’s all business you know and that’s what he wants to focus on…the investors.

  3. Chen could accomplish more by using the “Beta” environment that is already setup. Thus Blackberry can control the “leaks” and get proper feedback results. May not make everyone happy, but it could at least give a working compromise.

    • I like this idea. I’m just not sure that the Beta Zone is capable of handling OS updates. If it is, and carriers can be dealt with, it would take care of a lot of problems. Imagine no longer having to write tutorials for autoloaders or using Sachesi. The folks who are not technically inclined would benefit from a simpler process.

  4. Well, when someone signs a non-disclosure and then discloses, they DESERVE to be prosecuted. Sorry but I have no sympathy for those folks who think they don’t have to abide by the terms of agreements they sign.

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