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BlackBerry 10.3 Reveals Loads Of OS Improvements (Possibly) Coming


With the leak of OS 10.3 we are seeing some early signs of what BlackBerry has in store for us with their latest major OS revision. My buddy Ofutur let me know that he put together a list of improvements he spotted under the hood of OS 10.3 that I found were very interesting. Keep in mind not all of these will actually make it into OS 10.3 but some of them are much needed like Bluetooth LE support. They also added a new power manager which may be the reason for increased battery life we are seeing. I also find the whole mirrorlink integration and Apple lossless audio support.

Check out the full list below:

  • New multi-touch configuration. Hopefully multi-select is coming
  • New power manager
  • Improved contacts UI manager
  • Mobile Data Off-load via ePDG for services such as "Voice over LTE"
  • USB over Ethernet support
  • Device supports multiple modes based on which device it’s connected to via USB
  • Automatically detects the following motions: flip, shake, side flip, pick-up
  • Bluetooth LE support, finally
  • Updated NFC library, NFCA3, with support for tags up to v4
  • DLNA client called Digital Media Controller is now a service
  • Mirrorlink is re-introduced as a service. Think CarPlay, Fuse, etc.
  • Vocon3200 is back as a local voice recognition engine and Dragon is introduced as an online option
  • Listens for voice commands at all times (on selected devices)
  • Apple Lossless audio support
  • CELT (ultra-low delay audio codec) support
  • Subtitle support
  • S/Mime message viewer
  • Assets are now categorized using Design Units instead of screen resolution
  • More Chinese keyboard layouts
  • Still the old OpenSSL 1.0.1e from February 2013
  • Still QT4 based
  • Still no OpenGL 3.0
  • No new chipsets (CPU/GPU) introduced

Let me know what else you are excited about. I was hoping for a much much faster hub with swipe to archive email…

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  1. Thankfully, this is still beta and there’s still room to add more features. I’d like more swipe features added throughout the OS, that allow archive email, access to other running apps, accessing the drop down options at the main home screen. I like the voice option always on, where you say Blackberry: find my favorite location etc.

  2. Bluetooth 4LE has been fully supported already for a long long time

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