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BBM Money Transfer Service Expanding this Year


David Proulx, senior director of BBM Business Development, dropped Store interesting details on the future of BBM. He spoke with ReCode on how BlackBerry is planning on monetizing the service without impacting current users. One of the three ways he mentioned was expanding person to person money transfers beyond Indonesia. He said that:

“Because we are, by nature, private and secure and reliable and regulatory-compliant, we are ideally suited to bring value in mobile money and financial services,” said Proulx. A BBM person-to-person money transfer service has been in trials in Indonesia, but Proulx said to expect BlackBerry to expand to more countries and more services this year. One area of keen interest is international transfers, Proulx said.

That pretty much confirms an expansion this year. What do you guys think?

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  1. If fees are higher than Paypal or Banks, then no thanks, but BBM money is probably for countries with an under-developed banking system.

  2. Adding messages that autodelete after 5-30 seconds would be a great addition to BBM. Sometimes you want to tell someone something private but not have them keep a copy of it on their phone in case someone else reads it!

  3. Internationally, Moneygram/Western Union or else are used to Xfer money between users; this is where BBM money will fit, by providing limited in time codes and with a kind of psswd for the user (so no usage of the copy) or by being partners with postal banks/ mastercard/Visa or even paypal who knows?

  4. If you have ever worked overseas, or if you have immigrated, international money transfer is huge, expensive and hazardous. Huge, huge market for BlackBerry to serve…Great work digging this up…

  5. How about payment with NFC for starters then, we can work on the money transfer deal…

  6. From what I’ve heard, this will not only be more secure than PayPal which has been compromised more than once, but will work differently than PayPal.

    This is looking better by the day. Can’t wait for it to be available to all.

  7. BlackBerry would bhe wise to incorporate BBM in the entire OS. They shgould make a sort of Blinkfeed that shows the rss feeds, channels, BlackBerry news, and BB Momey options all easily accessable through a swipe.

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