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BlackBerry May Consider Another Tablet but Has No Current Plans

PlayBook 2.0 Star Transparent

BlackBerry’s VP of global product management, Francois Mahieu, sat down with Pocket-Lint over at Mobile World Congress and hammered out some details about their plans for future tablets. Mahieu confirmed that BlackBerry would consider building a tablet in the future but they are not doing it in the coming months. He specifically went on to say that:

"When we launched PlayBook, beyond the fact that everybody knows that PlayBook was no a huge success, everybody loved it," said Mahieu. "I wouldn’t be surprised if we have a meeting one day and I show you a tablet. We have equity in that space, but we’re not ready. We need more time."

In other words don’t hold your breath for a BlackBerry tablet anytime soon. My guess is they will leverage some sort of Bridge connection to other tablets or laptops in the future.

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  1. I for 5 really need a new BlackBerry PlayBook running BBM!!!! I say “5” because I have 5 aging PlayBooks without BBM! Are you folks at BlackBerry hearing this?

  2. Cross platform Bridge is NOT a bad idea!

    My PlayBook is still at full swing, but the aging software is starting to show. Badly.

    I would rather update to a new BlackBerry Tablet running BB10, but I guess I’ll have to finaly bite the bullet and buy something from the competition. :p

  3. I’d rather have a blackberry laptop with access to programs like Office, Adobe products, Autocad, Google Earth, and a kick-ass media player. And obviously it would have to work seemlessly with my z10.

  4. Once again, Blackberry doesn’t take a hint at what’s going on around them. There are 2 people teams doing Linux tablets in their garage on their lap and hopping to succeed. Tablet market is the hottest it market in the world -the tablet is the new personal computer. Its a revolution going on. And this guy has no urgency feeling. Hey Blackberry – wake up – somebody is eating your lunch!! A new tablet is a must for Blackberry. It doesn’t matter what happened with first Playbook! They have to press on. Play book was more useful (with the bridge brilliant idea) then any ipad. I own the latest ipad air and playbook OS is actually more simple, elegant and perfectly capable. The only difference is Ipad is much faster because is brand new..

  5. I hope BlackBerry really starts to focus on tablets. The only reason the first PlayBook did poorly in sales was because of poor marketing and for some reason the main things that make BlackBerry: Email, BBM etc., we’re dependant on having a BlacBerry. I really think they could knock this one out of the park. In the meantime, a little PlayBook OS update would be welcome.

  6. I would buy an 8-9″ BB10 tablet in a heartbeat.

    That said – BB needs to focus on getting profitable again before it goes back to tablets.

  7. I agree with Kevin. Get the company focused properly and producing regular updates for our phones then we can talk tabs again. Me, I still use my PB daily at work. Still prefer it over the other tablets.

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if BlackBerry announces a BB10 tablet and a desktop BBM app around the time they release the Q20, keep expectations low…or nonexistent in the case of desktop BBM…then drop them when everybody least expects it. I don’t put that approach past John Chen, look what he did at MWC.

  9. Tablets are useful for watching videos & reading. So micro SDXC & Wi-Fi 802.11ad support is a must.

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