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BlackBerry Head of BBM Details Plans for BBM – Deflates Hope for Desktop Client


BlackBerry’s new head of Enterprise and BBM, John Sims, has only been on the job for a few months but he already seems to be detailing his plans. He laid out to CNET some of his plans and goals for BBM and how 40% of BBM users are now on other platforms. He also said that he found of the 85 million users, 25 million were enterprise users who were just using it organically. That is why they developed enterprise focused eBBM.

Sims also goes into why BBM went cross platform but what really shot down my hopes is when he was asked if a desktop BBM client was in his plans. Sims suggested that BlackBerry’s priorities and key markets were very much focused on mobile. Now if only they would have asked him if multi-device BBM would finally be coming…

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  1. BBM is coming on the desktop, just not now. It’s not a high priority at the moment. The same goes for a PlayBook 2.

    Trust in BlackBerry and it’s new energetic management team.

    • Hey, I trust you know something I don’t. I know the desktop thing was started but Chen could have put it off indefinitely.

      The same goes for the new PlayBook. However, folks do need secure tablets. It’s a market BlackBerry can’t just sit by and watch. iPads are penetrating businesses and opening the door for Apple. Chen can sell this PlayBook to businesses. Maybe we will see it early next year.

      I hope we do see that octa-core phone with 4 GB RAM, 32 GB storage before Christmas!

  2. Come on! Are you serious? I hardly use my desktop PC nowadays, but I still do from time to time. For many folks, that’s all they have, and others use it daily at work and at home. It would be nice to have access to BBM messages on a desktop PC. It will certainly grow the business. I suspect it won’t necessarily grow it from an enterprise perspective, but it is necessary to grow the business on other platforms.

  3. I can be ok with no desktop BBM provided they manage “one ID/multidevice” BBM. Think Skype. You log in to desktop, tablet, smartphone and you get your messages in all at the same time.

    They need that. And then Desktop is just a logical step.

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