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John Chen Confirms Another Flagship Smartphone Coming to “Win Over New Customers”


John Chen has gone on the record this week with CNET confirming that there is at least one more flagship smartphone in the works for BlackBerry beyond the Q20 classic phone. This one is supposedly coming to “Win over new customers.” Chen said that this second flagship phone has a strong chance of launching this year though he could not guarantee it. For now we can assume that device is the Windermere but who knows…

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  1. This new so called device is called (According to my research) the BlackBerry Z50 full touch screen. In order to win over new customers, you will do so by coming out with a Full Touch, not a QWERTY physical keyboard.
    This new Z50 is rumoured to be available sometime in Sept 2014, with super high specs such as the 64-Bit Octa-Core, 3GB to 4GB ram etc., with the AMOLED 1920x1080p screen. This monster of a phone is also rumoured to have the best battery in the industry powered by BB10.3.

    A direct upgrade from the amazing Z30. This new Z50 can win new customers by providing excitement and free marketing due to its unique specs. Word of mouth alone will be strong. Reviewers will want to get their hands on such a device. Mr. Chen is a smart guy.

  2. Hmm why do you think it’s another keyboard device? He did say to win over new customers. So, I’m definitely thinking it’s an all touch device. I’m hoping it will be an all touch device. And man, hopefully no trackpad please! Hahahaha

  3. To win, the specs must be HOT!!!! I want 64-bit octa-core with 4 GB RAM, 32 GB storage, at least a 1080p display, and a killer camera with at least 16 MP.

    • If the time frame is the end of this year or early next year then the octa core is probably the processor in my opinion. Camera, MPs don’t matter as much as iso sensitivity and f stops and speed/method of focusing. To gain an edge, photo editing is the new catch such as time shift and other things.
      In order to win back the hearts of new customers, I’m thinking a big screen, trackpad and the whole belt with/without a key slider (torch style).

  4. My money is on a Full Touch Z50 based on 64-Bit Quad-Core or Octa-Core. 4GB ram and so on.
    The interesting thing here is BB10 is the only Mobile OS that can properly utilize such a Processor.
    Other devices running Android/iOS with similar spec’s is nothing more than a marketing gimmick.

    The “NEW” BlackBerry has the ability to attract Galaxy/HTC/Sony/LG/Nexus etc., customers easy by delivering such a product. Such a product would IMO hit mass media in a very positive nature. And may also be the only way to get people to actually and finally use BB10. Once they do, most if not all will be highly addictive to BB10.

    Such spec’s would also attract more development for the Superior BB10 platform. Mr. Chen, so far by his actions is all about pushing forward step by step with unique innovative techniques. Man I wish he was with the company 2 years ago.

  5. I hope BlackBerry has learned their lesson, when trying to woo other customers with their less than spectacular previous launches, Go Big, or go Home! This new device should have a lot of storage – 64gb+ , 4gb of RAM, as well as high resolution to mach the top of the line Android phones. They also should make the App Snap – the Android app store native and come out with Blackberry must have exclussive apps and services.

  6. I agree with the Z50 being the flagship phone to win over customers!! As the previous poster said…a phone with those massive specs will absolutely get people to come over to BB10…with the new GS5 having only 2gb of RAM and quad-core…a phone that doubles both of those would have sales increase immediately…especially if carrier stores get on board…they sell the top spec phone and push for that…people walk in asking for whats good…they will say “the Z50 here has the best specs on the market, fastest phone out there!” and boom SOLD because majority of buyers just buy what they are told in store!

    anyways, the major roadblock would be apps! no matter how awesome the specs are, if someone loves the phone…but then goes, “oh does it have instagram and all the good apps?” and the sales person says “no” then they move on to the iphone or samsung…BB must get the major applications in order to compete, there really is no way around that…Windows has figured this out and have (i can only assume) paid all the major developers to develop for windows phone and their market share continues to increase!

    Anyways! a Z50 comes out in September I will absolutely be buying that!

  7. I fully agree BlackBerry needs to work hard to get high profile “Native” apps into BlackBerry World. Though in the meantime, Android Apps work for the most part flawlessly and that fact alone should also be pushed onto consumers. The key benefit is the fact BlackBerry 10 phones have the pleasure of downloading and installing both BBW & Android apps.

    That is a selling point. For example, on the wifes Z10, Netflix & Starbucks Android apps work flawlessly, smooth and fast. They feel as if they are Native Apps via BBW.

  8. I think you are right and Chen will be able to pull this off without too much risk by sharing the downside (and potential upside) with Foxconn.

    Under the TH failures I admit I was sniffing around for the Galaxy or maybe a windows phone, but under Chen I’m willing to stick with Blackberry. He understands that what Blackberry fans need to be able to win over some friends is one AWSOME phone. This is what we wanted but didn’t get with the z10.

  9. Whatever its coming out of BlackBerry factory, it should be having higher specs with lesser price tag so that it can compete with already giants. BB can still do that, I believe.

  10. Everyone is so right, i cant wait for the Z50 if that is how it will be, i love my Z10, i have a Galaxy S3 as well and the Z10 beats it hands down, so a Z50 being way bigger in spec makes me excited.Long live Blackberry,

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