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Another Apple iOS Security Flaw Discovered That Could Lead to Malicious Keyloggers


It seems like Apple just keeps on getting knocked down in terms of security. The latest exploit of iOS was spotted by FireEye that found a way for background apps to log all of the touch events you do on the phone even when the phone is not jailbroken. At first this may seem like no big deal until you realize that those touch events could easily be converted to know exactly what keys on the iOS keyboard you have pressed for your password or private emails.

FireEye also took it one step further and submitted a proof of concept app that took advantage of this security hole in IOS 7 and iOS 6.1. The malicious app was approved by Apple’s App Store review team afterwards. In other words any iOS app could have this code running and the only way to prevent it is to constantly clear out your background running apps. I am hearing that the latest iOS update has fixed this bug so hopefully everyone gets it soon.

You have to just feel bad for Apple…

via FireEye via 9to5mac

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  1. After all the bashing and “sub” marketing techniques that have been done, I don’t feel bad for Apple or iOS.

  2. I feel a bit for Apple, but they should have been looking carefully into these issues. They must start taking people’s private data more seriously, and not just because they want to get into the enterprise business. The regular guy on the street deserves that level of attention. It’s his or her personal data – their identity, their passwords, their bank accounts.

    Hey, let’s not ruin ordinary people’s lives by not taking privacy and security seriously. Everyone deserves and expects privacy, but they have no idea how much of their personal information is being stolen on a regular basis (that is, taken without their knowledge or consent). Your doctor, banker, insurance company needs to respect your privacy – so should your smartphone.

  3. I wonder if it’s not simply some debugging code which they’ve forgotten to turn off…

    Of course, Apple seems to often forget to check if things are working properly these days 😉

  4. There is no way for me to feel bad for Apple, only for the poor users for having that lack of sécurity.

  5. Wow, it is quite sad. What saddens me the most though, is how all of this bad news gets swept under the rug.

  6. I don’t feel bad for Apple one bit. Has anyone felt bad for BlackBerry during it’s meteoric fall to last place? Nope! In fact, it seems anyone who isn’t a diehard BlackBerry fan has relished in their continual decline.

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