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Trackpad & Function Keys Rumored to Be Returning in BlackBerry 10


BlackBerry put off quite a few long time BlackBerry users when they took away the Trackpad for one handed use on BlackBerry 10. Personally I am digging the gestures but there was something to be said about the trackpad’s simplicity and efficiency. Now The Globe and Mail is reporting that BlackBerry is planning on bringing back the trackpad and the belt of navigation keys (end call, back, phone, menu) that were removed in BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry declined to comment on the rumor but Mr Chen in a recent interview said that BlackBerry 10 is going to get back some of the features power users love. He went on to say that:

“We missed one step, which was to educate the market up front” about how different the BlackBerry 10 devices were from its past smartphones, Mr. Chen said. “We [thought] that if we built it, everybody will love it.”

I am not sure if it may be a little to late but still its nice to see someone advocating to not lose all of the efficiencies power users relied on in legacy BlackBerry devices.

What do you think?

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  1. This is good news. I can see a larger Q10 version with the track ball for the die hard lovers of the track ball. Good Move by Mr. Chen.

    Though personally I prefer the full touch experience via BB10, and want nothing to do with the track ball. That’s just me.

  2. Excellent move if turns out it’s true. Go John Chen!!! I cursed hundreds of times Blackberry for being fancy and removing the track pad and call buttons in Q10. Following a certain elegance in device design doesn’t translate in practicality. It’s nothing wrong that some functions are redundant and can be performed in 2 ways. Like others may say now is a little bit to late in the game, but they got at least (1) customer lined up to buy such a device- me. Sign me up.

  3. Removing the call buttons (excuse my language) was the dumbest move BlackBerry has ever done. Because I can’t end a call unless I have the call application in front of me…unless you’re using bluetooth.
    The track pad allowed precision and loosing that was a nightmare at first, sure hope they come back.
    One thing I don’t miss are the menu and back buttons since gestures took over that.

  4. Fantastic news!!

  5. Exactly. Blackberry had the winning formula in their hand. 80 minions customers agreed. why scrapped? it’s like I’m BMW and I decide to scrap the handling because i can do everything automatic this days. I replace the heavy wheel with 2 buttons -because well, I can…it’s all electric these days_right? What they were suppose to do is take the QNX new core and build same functionality they had before. They went all over the place. 3 years later, the core applications still do not work perfectly. they need to stay on email, calendar, contacts and remember and get them perfect. i still have duplicate contacts and all that after upgrading clean to 2.1. were is scheduled night mode support, were are the classic blackberry rings? were is holder support, were is nightstand accessories and support, there are hundreds of subtle things that they never made it to os 10.

  6. I think the belt of keys and trackpad is what made the blackberry so easy to use over the competitors. Although, they can get rid of the menu key and replace it with the drop drop down menu and replace the back button key with the universal search key. There’s something that is so convienant about having your main apps available at your fingertips no matter what app your in.

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