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Rumor Ford plans to use QNX for their Sync System Replacing Microsoft

ScreenHunter_246 Feb. 22 13.26BlackBerry has made some smart acquisitions that I believe we have yet to see their full potential. QNX is the first one and Dash  Navigation which is another one that we don’t really know much of what BlackBerry did with the acquisition. According to a rumored report from Bloomberg Ford is in the process of replacing Microsoft with QNX in their Ford Sync System. According to Bloomberg unknown sources the deal is less expensive than Microsoft and more reliable. QNX is currently used in by BMW, among other companies that rely on the reliability of QNX.  If the deal is true this should give BlackBerry a good boost of funds and as well as increased market share.

QNX has been a player in the In-Vehicle technology and this is a strong point. If BlackBerry can make the right moves and integrate QNX and BlackBerry 10’s power into this systems it could become more competitive. BlackBerry needs to move fast on this because Google and other’s are starting to see the opportunities.Google has announced plans to bring Android operating system to future cars. 

The US government is looking to require future vehicles to communicate (V2V) with one another to reduce traffic accidents according to a report earlier this month. If BlackBerry makes the right moves this is another area where they can use QNX as a selling point. Remember Dash Navigation had this idea that they could make cars communicate with one another using their failed navigation product.  BlackBerry has the right tools in place to improve on their current offerings.  We seen quite a few concepts coming from the QNX team so this should be something that they could definitely leverage and make QNX a bigger player in providing solutions to the vehicle industry. 


Video source: CB

Article: N4BB source: Bloomberg

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  1. I don’t want google to eat up the competition with their droid and QNX needs to speed up things.
    I don’t suppose they can change RIM to BlackBerry then to QNX, can they?

    • I would like to see a BlackBerry/QNX logo.

      • It does exist, QNX with the BlackBerry logo next to it. But the word BlackBerry has been tarnished so bad the past few years and been the punch line for so many jokes now.
        Either way, I hope they bounce back.

  2. You know how irritating it is when this constantly crashes? Thank goodness BlackBerry’s QNX will be taking over the FORD contracts. AWESOME.
    Nobody does it better than QNX, not iOS, not Android and especially not M$.

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