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Possible BlackBerry Q30 “Windermere” Prototype Spotted With Touch Sensitive Keys


Earlier today we caught a picture of an early prototype BlackBerry that sort of looks like a basterdized BlackBerry Q10. The pictures were spotted by via Webio. This device matches up with the square double resolution BlackBerry Q30 “Windermere” that was spotted in BlackBerry 10 OS files in the past. The device is rumored to have a square screen with 1440×1440 resolution but not much is known past that. I have heard that there are multiple prototype versions with different features so its interesting to see how the device will actually end up working.


JT over at N4BB heard that the device is most likely the Windermere with a new style keyboard that is wider than the previous models like the Q10. According to Gellar at the BGR this device is actually a top secret BlackBerry that has three rows of keys on the keyboard instead of four and all the keys are touch sensitive. That way the keyboard would work like Swype on Android. Not only can you push the keyboard keys to input but you can also swipe gestures over them like you can on touchscreen BlackBerry 10 devices. BlackBerry is also toying with allowing users to run two apps at the same time.

Last but not least supposedly BlackBerry is working with a “large partner” for the device that is interested but the device will only come out of prototype if the partner moves forward. Should be an interesting space to watch! I really hope we get swipe typing gestures.

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  1. Can I be the first to say “Yuck” please? can I can I can I…

  2. Don’t like the design, but its a prototype, so it won’t look anything close to this IMO. But Touch Sensitive Keys? Ya BABY, that sounds awesome. If BBRY executes this properly, this “Touch Sensitive Keys” thingy could be HUGE.

  3. I really wanted a touch sensitive keyboard on the Q10, so I really hope this makes it to market this year :).

    As for the design, the rough plastic casing is just there to protect the components, the final product will look much better.
    Compare the Dev C and the Q10 to see what I’m talking about.

    Symbols and numbers will probably appear at the bottom of the screen when you start using the keyboard.

  4. That’s looking a bit stubby. If they are going to be drastically reducing the height of the keyboard I hope they will also be increasing the height of the screen.

    Maybe to look something like this:

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