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Anyone Else Impressed With Last Weeks Flawless BBM Rollout?


I am not sure if anyone else noticed it but BlackBerry seems to have learned how to smoothly roll out a product in the last month or so. First we had them rolling out OS 10.2.1 worldwide with very few issues if any on multiple carriers for multiple devices. Then last week we had BlackBerry simultaneously rolling out BBM 2.0 on iOS and Android on the same day as rolling out BBM 10.3 on BlackBerry 10. They even had a quick follow up releasing BBM 8.1 for legacy BlackBerry devices that also went flawlessly.

This really just makes me wonder. What did John Chen do to suddenly make BlackBerry not fumble these launches? Could it be a result of Andrew Bocking, former VP of BBM, leaving BlackBerry? Chen stated quite a few times that turnarounds require a company to get things right most of the time since they do not have second chances. I have to commend team BlackBerry for delivering! They managed to bring relative feature parity to their BBM clients in the span of a day or two. That is what a cross platform messenger has to do to survive.

What did you think of last weeks launch?

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  1. m impress with APP update ..
    As it provides facility of free voice calls to other BBM users. Now, you can call any Android and iPhone User with for free with the new BBM App

  2. Very impressive! We got a whole new and improved Blackberry: Effortless, efficient and effective; PS: I think this would be a great TV commercial.

  3. I am really hoping they can keep this up. Its all about keeping up the momentum without tripping on themselves

  4. I’m very impressed and I hope BlackBerry keeps these updates and rollouts moving smoothly! They have the best phones on the market today that few people know about! That is because the former executives totally blew the rollout of BB10. Now they have new management and it’s looking better already!!!!

    • Yes and no, BB10 needed time to mature and the market wasn’t going to wait for 10.2.1 to start up with. In my opinion Heins tried the consumer route and that didn’t work too well so Fairfax knows where to go from there…

      • I don’t think it’s quite that simple. If you look at Heins’ vision, if the device business failed, the company failed. Heins then tried to cut costs and downsize the company rather than trying to get the most value out of the company’s very valuable assets.

        Let’s be clear: it wasn’t the consumer route that failed – it was the device-only route that failed. Even enterprise today requires a significant consumer-oriented component because of BYOD. Folks want their apps, they want they games, they want their content, and they will switch devices to get it. BlackBerry World is a very necessary factor if they want to sell devices in the enterprise space.

        BB10 at launch had a few deficiencies, but it was a decent platform with a huge potential for growth. Management just could not market it. They didn’t understand it. The also did not understand the folks they were selling to. The smartphone business is quickly evolving too, so they had to be on their toes. They were stagnant.

        Prem looked at the company from the inside and out, and he saw the value in the different businesses, so rather than thinking of cutting costs with massive downsizing, he wants to build these businesses into profitable divisions. Chen is the man to do it.

  5. Hum. I think Fairfax only builds the devices, Chen and his team at BlackBerry need to market it. I’m feeling good about BlackBerry under his leadership, all they need to do us market a great product properly.

  6. Not sure if this has to do with Mr.Chen’s presence, but he has recently said you don’t have second chances in turn around scenarios. One thing is clear no matter what the case. Things have been really running smoothly with him on board. Keep it up BlackBerry. BB10 is worth fighting for.

  7. It’s great news all went well for this BBM update as well as 10.2.1, This is the way updates should happen 99% flawlessly! As xBURK quotes Mr. Chen: ‘you don’t have second chances.’ BB10 is a marvellous OS! BlackBerry is back on their way to success!

  8. Smooooooth! 🙂
    I have full confidence in Team BlackBerry’s ability to deliver.
    Unlike Heins, Chen realizes the biggest assets a company has is its people. Note we haven’t heard of massive layoffs from Chen. Instead, he is showing value in the company’s 4 primary businesses: Messaging with BBM, devices (especially, deal with Foxconn), QNX (BB10 and embedded systems), and enterprise.

  9. 10.2.1 has rolled out so smoothly to the big 4 USA carriers when?

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