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Geekbench 3 Cross Platform Benchmarking App Hits BlackBerry 10 (Native)

Geekbench2 Geekbench

Those of you who wanted to see how the hardware on your BlackBerry 10 device compares to the competition should check out Geekbench 3. Primate Labs has released their popular cross platform benchmarking tool to compare your device with other platforms. Its totally geeky and gets down to the actual processor and memory performance. Geekbench is actually quite popular on other platforms and is totally free on BlackBerry 10 which is nice since other platforms cost a nominal fee. On top of that the Geekbench is a native app so its not just a ported Android app.

Check out Geekbench 3 free in BlackBerry World and let us know how your device stacks up!

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  1. Doesn’t coincidence with the browser tests posted a few days ago, which proves have efficient the new BlackBerry 10 OS is.

  2. According to Crackberry, a quad core 2.15 GHz “Ontario” BlackBerry has been spotted via Geekbench 🙂 Nice! It may be the anticipated Q30 or a Z50?

  3. It’s rumored that 2015 they will be using a octa core 64 bit 4gb ram phone using qualcomm 810 processor 🙂 . With qnx man that phone is going to be a beast

    • Yeah and a 1440p screen, USB 3, wifi ac and everything else a 2015 flagship phone should have. Everybody is using the same base components, so those predictions (from that blog) are not that difficult to make.

      • Definitely makes sense……once they have a phone like that I can see a lot of users especially the spec whore android fans coming to blackberry….Honestly bb10 is evolving at such a fast rate it’s going to be the best OS hands down :). Gaming and multi tasking is going to be so smooth on that phone…. I have the Z30 and honestly it’s smooth enough as it is already lol

  4. Do you think it is a problem of hardware or software optimization?

    • I think it’s a hardware limitation.
      We’re trying to use our phones more and more like laptops and we’re starting to have enough processing power to support at least the PIM services, but manufacturers have to come up with ways to save battery life, because 6 hours of use on a Q10 is not enough and syncing dozens of accounts all the time taxes the battery a lot. There is also the RAM issue. All these limits imposed on apps so that they don’t use too much RAM, when we all know that the more an app can use, the better it will behave.
      So what I’m witnessing is a lot of pausing, loading, etc. which can probably only disappear on better hardware.
      The good news is that things can only get better, assuming they don’t try to add too much eye candy for the GPU to handle.

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