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Seacrest’s Typo Claims “BlackBerry seeks a monopoly on keyboards for any device”

Typo Keyboard BlackBerry Q10 keyboard

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest’s Typo Keyboard is going right at the heart of BlackBerry’s lawsuit against Typo. BlackBerry sued Typo last month for blantantly copying the design of the iconic BlackBerry keyboard practically key by key. Supposedly the Typo keyboard cost $1.4 million to develop and 4,000 have been sold so far with 10,000 being built every month.

In response to BlackBerry’s lawsuit Typo filed pictures of keyboards as far back as the Smith Corona typewriters. They audaciously claim that BlackBerry has not disclosed any of the Smith Corona designs in their patents and that “The QWERTY keyboard has been around since the 1870s and has been present in many messaging devices.” They finished off by saying that:

“BlackBerry seeks a monopoly on keyboards for any device,” it said. “Regretfully, however, small keyboards with nearly identical layouts as the one “claimed” by BlackBerry have been around since the mid-1980s.”

Typo is obviously glossing the truth quite a bit but I am just shocked how they did not even bother to try to make an differentiation from the BlackBerry keyboard. Its like they just sent a Q10 to China and told them to build it into a lower quality iPhone case…

via CP24

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  1. The hilarity continues. It’s not the layout of keyboards BlackBerry is worried about. It’s the fact that Typo’s looks EXACTLY the same as theirs.

    Change the shape a bit maybe, or the color, or exact key positions, or the slanted keys. Anything to at least show an attempt at differentiation.

    I hope Typo gets what they deserve in this lawsuit: unemployment.

  2. All one needs to do is Google….

    Ryan Seacrest is a…

    and see what auto completes!

  3. I still think there is something fishy here… There are plenty of phones with keyboards out there.
    I’m thinking BlackBerry has a modular phone in the works and they don’t want to look like they’re copying Typo.

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