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John Chen: “This Doesn’t Mean We Are Turning Our Back on the Consumer – Far From It…”

John Chen

BlackBerry’s CEO sat down with Fast Company for an interview that they published over the weekend. It does not offer anything groundbreaking but it does provide some great insight into John Chen’s plan for 2014. One quote in particular stuck out to me. Quite a few people have pointed out that BlackBerry is focusing on enterprise since the consumer market has not been hot for them. This has the remaining BlackBerry consumer users, like me, wondering if BlackBerry has abandoned us. Here is what John Chen had to say about that:

“[This] doesn’t mean we are turning our back on the consumer–far from it–but it’s important we narrow our focus on our core strengths. I believe in the values of this brand and I’ve assembled the right team and strategy with the strong confidence that we will rebuild BlackBerry for the benefit of all of our constituencies.”

Check out the full interview here. Luke Dormehl included some good quotes from my buddy Kevin and a link to BerryReview in a very balanced article. Kudos to you Luke for being unbiased!

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  1. I agree with Mr. Chen 100%.
    Though it would be nice if they were to at least have “SOME” marketing for the consumer market. The Z30 is an amazing phone and Verizon’s all time best user rated phone to date. This alone tells the story about BBRY and its amazing BB10 and hardware.

    • I agree, the Z30 is an amazing phone. It’s sad that many people don’t realize this. Hopefully the new leadership will finally change BlackBerry poor public perception which is BlackBerry issue, certainly not their new BB10 phones.

  2. BlackBerry must employ modern marketing to overcome the stygma that BlackBerry is old and obsolete. BB10 is a new and modern OS that can compete and beat any modern OS today. Especially now that we have the Android apps to choose from, they must make Snap a native app and make it seamless to download apps.

  3. Yeah they need to have some proper advertising that actually properly gets their competitive advantage out there. People still think the new BlackBerrys are just BlackBerry 7.1 devices.

    • Agreed! This is why they cannot continue to build and market any more BB7 devices – it’s a rather foolish idea and strongly suggests that BB10 is half-baked or not for everyone.
      Like you say, advertising the heck out of it and showing what is new and what is uniquely better about BB10 is key to selling more devices – not compared BB7 (no one really cares) but compared to Androids and iPhones.

  4. The biggest issue, for me at least, is the fact that unless you are a current Berry user like the ones of us that hang out here you don’t even know that there are new Berry’s. They sure don’t market/advertise the devices at all. Several people that see my Z10 ask what it is and when told they say something to the effect of “I didn’t know there was a new BB”. And that is truly sad a year later. You would think the company would know this and do something about it. They certainly have the money to advertise properly. I don’t know…..

  5. The previous management truly messed up BB10’s Launch and Marketing/Advertising. And today we are being punished for it.

    Eventually and under John Chen’s command, People will realize BB10 is bloody awesome.

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