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Yes BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 Added Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Support – BlackBerry Just Forgot to Mention It…

BlackBerry 10.2.1

There is something very weird going on with the BlackBerry 10.2.1 OS launch. The biggest feature that BlackBerry added was the easy ability to install the latest Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 apps without going through BlackBerry World. The problem is that none of BlackBerry’s press releases or pitches mentioned this update. This has lead to quite a few articles focusing on other smaller improvements like the addition of FM Radio capabilities in the Q10, Q5, and Z30. (Engadget & stick out).

BlackBerry is obviously trying to find the right way to message the fact that they have essentially unleashed much of the Android application ecosystem on BlackBerry 10.2.1. This will lead to some really confusing messaging like: “You can now get Netflix, Instagram, Candy Crush, and more on BlackBerry 10 but you have to find it yourself…”

I really hope BlackBerry has a plan for this because so far they are squandering this feature. I am hearing rumors that they are working on a partnership for a curated app store or some integration with BlackBerry World but that is unsubstantiated so far.

How would you suggest BlackBerry market the new Android runtime on BlackBerry 10.2.1?

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  1. I suggest they take a rep to the company and just show the instalation process. Say, Netflix. BB rep goes to the VP of Development on Netflix, grabs the apk online, installs and shows it to them. “Now, you don’t even have to convert the file into a .BAR. Just grab the .APK you have and submit to BlackBerry World.”

    But that’s me, what do I know.

  2. Jellybean 4.2.2 is not new news in BB10, that’s why this got no mention. The addition of Jellybean was more to entice Android developers to bring more apps to BlackBerry World as well as add more stability to existing Android ports. It was simply one of those unnamed “delights” they mentioned for consumers. Adding hype to it would take away from BB10 as an OS that can stand on its own merits and would add way too much confusion to the lazy people out there who can’t be bothered to learn how to get Android apps that aren’t in BB World. It would just be EVEN MORE negative press for BB.

    Not to mention none of those apps are officially supported and many don’t work properly, i.e. no in-app purchase ability, sketchy Facebook sync, etc. Guess who would get the blame for those issues? There are already too many dimwits blaming BlackBerry for the lack of third party apps and/or issues with third party apps.

    • I’m glad you posted that. However, if they were to take Android apps that play well on BB10 and put them on BB World, it would be a good sell.
      Actually, they could leave it to Android developers to handle the support issues. Just tell them to post their APKs to BB World without conversion.
      Frankly, I do favor the conversion to BAR files, but this strategy is not enticing too many Android developers. Part of the reason is all that uncertainty CREATED by BlackBerry last summer & fall – looking for a buyer. That was such a huge mistake.

  3. How can you market your biggest asset that will screw up your loyal developers who either started from scratch for BlackBerry 10 or, worked hard to port their applications to BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook?
    Answer that question and you will know what’s in BlackBerry’s head right now.

    • Amir you think this will screw loyal developers? Personally I only see any value for apps that would have taken BlackBerry years to get over like banking apps and content apps like Instagram. Even games but native games will always take the cake.

      • The small time developers that worked hard on both android and BB didn’t get the benefit of the big time companies that waited and let BB do the work for them…
        My point is, I feel sorry for those developers that worked hard to get their apps on BB10 when others, just did nothing and had their apps working on BB (android port) like pandora, Chase, bank of america (partially), Endomondo..etc

  4. I agree with Amir.I don’t see any new developers trying to work with BlackBerry now.It would be more like: oh the blackberry users want my app?Tell them to grab the apk on Google Play..done!

    • Yes but that might not be a bad thing at this juncture if BlackBerry made it easier. BlackBerry is in a losing battle trying to convince developers like Chase and the hundreds of other popular banks to create yet another mobile app. They can on the other hand get them to simply use the same android app

      • You are right too, but I find it sad to loose more interest of developing for BB10.
        On another hand, we now have access to more apps, ying and yang.

  5. Just like the B4BB section in Appworld, just put all the Android apps under one section when you do a search and get the apps straight from Play (curated or not). Less headache for Android devs, a clear choice for users.
    They couldn’t do that at the beginning since there were so little real BB apps and since they were using GB, but today, they could make lots of people happy by proceeding this way.

    They also need to improve their Bluetooth supportin Android. So many new gadgets don’t work because the app is Android only and using LE.

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