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exFAT MicroSD Card Support Added in BlackBerry OS 10.2.1


Those of you who tried using their 64GB MicroSD cards on BlackBerry 10 before the latest OS may have noticed that you had to reformat it to Fat32 which is in no way ideal. This even caused some serious instability issues with the first batches of 64GB cards. Now BlackBerry has finally added exFAT support in OS 10.2.1 though it works in an odd way. When you plug in an exFAT supported card it will prompt you to download drivers. Either way this will allow you to have file sizes over 4GB and up to 2TB. Personally I am just glad to not have to reformat cards because the instability was bad on Sandisk cards.

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  1. Time to format my SD card. o.0

  2. I had to reformat my Samsung 64GB card when I first ran 10.2.1 back around Christmas 2013, now that explains it.
    That also explains that I’ll need to do the same thing with my wife’s when she updates her OS…oh boy.

  3. I never had any real issues with my 64GB card. The only hiccup I had was that it wouldn’t let me record video in 1080p. It would pop up a message that said the card didn’t support it or something like that. Now it will let me record 1080p, and I haven’t reformatted my card. Weird.

  4. No go here. As soon as the exfat SD goes in, I get complaints and the Z10 asks to format it.

  5. While the may have finally fixed exFAT with MicroSD cards, they did NOT fix the problem with OTG USB drives. If you insert an FAT32 OTG USB, it shows up fine. Insert an exFAT formated OTG USB (even a measly 16GB one), and you get a message:

    USB Device Problem
    Go to the Storage setting for details

    You can go there all you like. There is nothing mentioning the external USB, so exFAT still not working for flash drives.

  6. I have a 64GB card installed and haven’t had any extra issues since upgrading to 10.2.1. That said I have had other issues where ghost data would pike onto the card. Maybe a format with the new OS will help.

  7. I read that BlackBerry 10.2.1 actually didn’t support exFAT at all. Could someone update this article for avoiding more confusions, if it’s the case?

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