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Why BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 Was Not Renamed to 10.3 – Back To The Basics (Delight?)


One of the things that surprised me was that BlackBerry marketing did not decide to rename BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 into BlackBerry 10.3. This is a pretty huge update for BlackBerry especially with the Android app support that they are totally downplaying. One of my buddies sat on a call with Michael Clewley today (I am relaxing on a staycation!) and came out with an interesting viewpoint. It turns out that BlackBerry 10.2.1 is not about new features but more about “polished and missing items.” Clewley went on to say that many US users never got OS 10.2 so this is their first major update since 10.1.


Clewley keeps on using the words “moments of delight” and delight in general to describe OS 10.2.1. They brought back some features that people have been missing like offline browsing and others that users were clamoring for like preferred contact sync source. Here are some more delights:


Now we just need some speed improvements in the hub!

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  1. The rename issue makes sense to me as well. I see from the slide above that there has actually been a real effort during the last year since launch: 10.2.1 is the 6th iteration of BlackBerry 10 including the first version at launch. It has come leaps and bounds since the first day.

    On top of this there are now tools to allow faster and easier migration from both existing BlackBerry platforms as well as competitive platforms – all by the installation of a simple application which will minimise the amount of effort required to capture settings, contacts, calendars, etc.

    A lot of the feature ARE simply “delightful” and 10.2.1 makes my Z30 a real pleasure to work with and helps me be super productive.

    Hopefully they start bragging more about Android support which was quietly mentioned in behind all the other BlackBerry goodness.

  2. Are we actually going to see any HUB speed enhancements? or are you just saying that from your opinion.

  3. Seriously? Calling this release 10.2.1 just because most US users never got 10.2 is just plan dumb. BlackBerry really does think this way though, just another one of their “out of touch with reality” signs.

    • Your comment doesn’t really make any sense. What difference does it make WHAT they called it? How is OS version naming a sign of them being out of touch with reality? I am seriously baffled by your comment. Just a jab at BlackBerry by any means necessary, warranted or not?? I honestly and truly would like to know your rationale for that statement.


    • I agree with @Derrick. I think they explained their rationale. And I think clewly threw in the US bit, or at least that is how it came across to me when I read it.

  4. So by “automatic updates,” do they mean BlackBerry will be pushing the updates or will non-leakers still have to rely on their carriers to push out updates? Considering Verizon is a MAJOR carrier that never bothered to provide any updates beyond the first 10.1 update, (that’s the only one I ever got before I resorted to leaks) it’s obvious that they aren’t reliable enough for customers to wait for them to push updates. It would make MUCH more sense if BB would go the way of Apple and push/release their own updates direct to the end users.

    • BB should push their own updates. They STILL rely too much on the carriers. They haven’t figured out yet that Apple and Google don’t. The carriers cannot be the sole source of marketing of your products. You’ve got to do it yourself. Normally, I’d never say that, but in the case of marketing, learn from Apple! They have iPhone ads everywhere, and they even have TV ads for the earbuds that come with the iPhone. They don’t rely on carriers to give their customers the best service – they allow the customer to get the latest OS releases direct to their device. BlackBerry experienced that with the PlayBook – almost everyone on the PlayBook was up to date within a couple of weeks. No one was left behind.
      I feel bad that Verizon installed an older OS at launch, took 6 months to give users 10.1, and they skipped 10.2. Doesn’t BlackBerry see that their Verizon customers aren’t being served well? Fix it! Service those customers directly. In fact, allow all users to get the updates from BlackBerry World or via

      • Not true. Neither Apple nor Google get to push updates to Verizon users without Verizon approval. Only a Nexus or GPE device can get an upgrade direct from Google without carrier approval, whether it’s Verizon or Sprint or T or TMO or USCellular or whoever, and there is no equivalent to Nexus/GPE from Apple. Apple and Google just have more market sway (together probably close to 95% of USA smartphones) so carriers actually CARE about their updates. Let’s face it, Blackberry market share in the US is hovering at or below 1%, they squandered their opportunity to have power over the carriers back when Laz and company were kissing the carrier’s asses up one side and down the other.

    • It means official updates sadly. Not sure how aggressive BlackBerry will be there

      • I think they should use the beta zone for this. Once the OS has been released to the carriers release it on the beta zone for everyone as a beta!! would eliminate a lot of the carrier issue and show the US carriers the middle finger.

  5. BlackBerry needs to do a full marketing campaign to promote 10.2.1 and 10.3, especially the ability to receive automatic updates wirelessly and download android apps wirelessly. I’d like BlackBerry to also add a notepad option to the dropscreen options to write/draw on with a digital pen or type out notes. I look forward to future OS updates, we’ll done BlackBerry!

  6. you can have your hub speed, give me dashboard!

  7. Google is now dominating. But blackberry was also good but it only has some limited users as it is expensive OS which everyone cannot have.

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