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The BEST Sources for Android APK App Files for BlackBerry OS 10.2.1

Amazon AppStore

Now that quite a few more people are on OS 10.2.1 I wanted to highlight one of its best improvements. BlackBerry now allows you to easily install Android apps through the browser or from other apps so you can easily add top apps to your device. This leads to many people asking for a good place to find Android apps. Here is where I look:

First Place: The best place to look is this fan curated app directory by Azrae49 on Aptoide. It is a great way to get apps that are confirmed to work on BlackBerry 10.2.1

Second Place: The second best and simplest way is to use APK-DL website to easily download the application APK files from Google Play. No extra app needed and all you have to do is add a small amount of text to a Google Play link. Details here.

Third Place: Sideload SNAP onto your BlackBerry 10 device. This native app gives you the full power of Google Play in your BlackBerry 10 device. SNAP is awesome and free if you are up for sideloading it. Details here.

Fourth Place: Check out 1Mobile. They offer many apps that work perfectly in their app store though sometimes you get an older version. The nice part is that they scan your device for Android apps and notify you of available updates. Details here.

Last but not least: When all those sources run dry I turn to the many other app stores starting with Amazon. They are very much hit and miss but still not a bad curated option. Details here.

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  1. Very much have to disagree 😉
    I’d say snap wins by a long shot (it is using Google Play after all), followed by the Amazon App Store. The others I haven’t even bothered with since I installed Snap.

  2. I definitely take issue with the ordering of these solutions. Seems to be more focused on “getting the apps” but once you get into it, maintaining the apps becomes extremely important. You can’t be expected to manually go out and check for updates on all your apps and sideload all over again. So that would knock APK-DL out of second place imho. (Btw, the Evozi Downloader works for that too.) Haven’t tried Snap yet but 1Mobile works pretty well.
    Not a big fan of Amazon. Had a tough time getting some apps to work when they worked through 1Mobile. I think Amazon injects something into the APK but I could be wrong.

    • Shvartzberry I definitely focused on getting the apps. Usually that is the top priority for users who want these apps like Instagram and candy crush. They don’t as much care about having the latest Instagram as much as they care how easy it is to get Instagram

  3. Also, remember that it is possible that an app might fail via all of these methods but don’t give up! Some apps – e.g. retail vendor apps like Dunkin Donuts, 7 Eleven, etc. – contain a dependency on Google Maps. Use my tutorial to get around that.

    Also, a reliance on Google Play services prevents apps like Groupon from working. I was able to get around that using the instructions documented here.

  4. So, where do the amazon store apk files get downloaded? I need to backup a file or two. It seems that the same application from snap doesn’t work as good as the one from amazon.

  5. Thanks for the topic.
    I’m one of the uploaders to some of you guys prefer snap, well it’s up to you but snap doesn’t offer obb data, you will have to get it manually and place them manually, but our store provides full obb installation and automatically, we also offer apps that are approved working without bugs but for snap, you will have to try them out and it doesn’t state if it’s working or not.
    We provide full obb data for games such as dead trigger 2, dead effect, gta series and lots more, and of course tested before added.

  6. Hello,

    I just ran across your post a few minutes ago trying to find out information about problems I’ve been having with Android apps not running at all on my Q10. Prior to updating to 10.2.1 (which I love, by the way), I had several Android apps that I had sideloaded, and they worked fine. Now, however, not only do none of those work, but even getting apps such as Amazon’s App Store, LastPass, Dropbox and YNAB either won’t open at all, or open with a black screen and back arrow, then immediately close. I’ve seen posts that address this issue, but the consensus of solutions is to use Sachesi to download/replace two Android run-time files. I don’t want to take a chance on making a mistake, which would cause my Q10 to not function properly. Do you know if BlackBerry has an “official fix” for this issue? Apparently, it’s a problem that is affecting quite a number of Q10 users.

    Thank you, and I appreciate your post!

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