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Did you Get BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 Today? Let Us Know What You Think!

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Quite a few carriers around the world rolled out OS 10.2.1 today which opens up quite a few new doors and brings back some nice features to the platform. We have heard from many of you about your carrier and device rollout but now that the day is done I have one question. What do you think of it? Some of you may have been on a leak before but this is finally the real deal. I am very impressed with BlackBerrys rollout. They need to keep on doing these global rollouts.

PS: let us know what carrier and device you got the update on!

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  1. I still don’t get Blackberry OS 10.2.1,from yesterday i wait but still doesnt’ get the update..please tell me why..

  2. Check if your carrier has released the update:

    Check Settings/Software Updates on your BB10 BlackBerry.

  3. Loving OS 10.2.1! The missing stuff is pretty much all there now and there’s lots of extra goodies too. Well done BlackBerry!

  4. I’ve already check it many time..but still doesn’t get the update..:'(

  5. Verizon released v10.2 to my Z10 yesterday. I started the download at 3:00PM and when I went to bed at 10:00PM, it was 72% completed. When I got up had 4:30AM, it asked for a reboot to complete the process. It took about 45 minutes. Everything seems to be working as expected. Going to Blackberry World showed I needed to update 18 Apps — I did.

  6. The Bell update bricked my mom’s Z10

  7. I was just being lazy… I, of course, meant Verizon released v10.2.1.1925 to my Z10.

  8. Since the update, my wallpaper has been messed up, what wallpaper I set doesn’t apply when the phone is locked but when swiping up it shows…it’s like I have 2 wallpapers. what happened?

  9. I sideloaded it 🙂 Couldn’t wait for carriers to send me a notification. They have some minor glitches to fix. I certainly did not like that all my apps were messed up. Any folders were removed during the upgrade, and I had to spend an hour or more reorganizing my apps 🙁 On the plus side, the custom quick settings is a very welcomed feature. The pinch to view unread messages is used often. I’ve got some very nice to have Android apps I’ve been longing for running on my Z10. I have a half dozen contact groups – so needed!
    This is a huge release for BB10 and BlackBerry. I haven’t seen any ads promoting what can be done on BB10, but they really need to sell it. In the world of BYOD, BlackBerry can’t sit back and just sell BES. They must show they have a competitive hardware solution that will meet the needs of just about everyone. Best in class messaging, best in class keyboard, best in class browser, best in class security.

  10. When will the update be released for the US on AT&T?

    Getting tired of waiting…. Thought I heard it was supposed to be Feb 10th… Today’s the 12th…ZZZ

  11. If your phone is locked or does not have a SIM you may not be able to do the update through the Blackberry update site but removing the SIM may allow the update to happen.

  12. So sad. I loved my Blackberry but this update messed it all up. I lost almost all my contacts and no longer have the ability to add new contacts without turning the phone off and on after I add one. This is both my business and my private phone. Spent way too much time trying to fix it. I will say that both Tmobile and Blackberry did an excellent job of trying to help but after two hours I gave up. Turning in my phone for a new one. I do not want to switch to another kind as Blackberry syncs so well with my Outlook. Any recommendations?

    • LaDonna,

      Any chance you could say which update you installed? If you have Blackberry Protect installed you may be able to restore everything from there through your Blackberry Link. Did you have an email account syncing which might have the Contacts? In a lot of cases you can take the phone back to the previous or basic version through the Blackberry Link and then add the update again.

      • I updated to the 10.2.1. Unfortunately it was between plane changes which I believe may have caused some of the trouble. 2000 of my contacts I can get back through Outlook. Those are business. My personal numbers are gone. If I sync contacts every time I end up with an exponential number of duplicates. I am not sure if I had the Blackberry Protect but will check into it. Thank you!

  13. Oh Blackberry shared my screen and we tried reinstalling the software, going back to a previous date, etc. The contacts are still slow to add if at all.

    • LaDonna,

      I would never have done an update under the circumstances you describe unless I had a backup available. This is one of the times that a Gmail account which would have synced all your contacts (as long as you had it set up correctly) would have allowed you to sync them back again. Even if they had been deleted from the Google calendar you would have been able to restore them from any date within the past thirty days.

      Sorry I am unable to help you further but I can say that the amount of help you would have got from other phone manufacturers would have been less than you received from Blackberry.

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