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What Ever Happened to the BlackBerry Z10 Media Dock?

Media Dock

One of the things I have been looking for is a nice media dock for my BlackBerry Z30. That made me wonder what ever happened to the official media dock for the BlackBerry Z10. It was rumored since the launch that one was coming and we even got pictures of it (via N4BB) in February of last year. Still we have not seen any dock launch… I wonder if it ever will. Let us know if you have found a good docking solution for BlackBerry 10 in the absence of an official one.

Media Dock2 Media Dock3

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  1. I have such a media docking station. BB actually has it as a separate product if you order a Z10 direct. It is very nice, and I love it! Every device needs a docking station, and the build quality on this one is quite good.

  2. My wife works for BB and she got hers from the employee purchase program. It is nice, I wanted one too, but I am fine with just leaving my phone on the table beside my bed.

  3. There’s another thing that I miss from BBOS —

    I think that I may as well go google at this point. I really feel like BB10 lost the customization and power user simlicity feel to it. Not to mention the entire mixup of features we thought we had/were coming never made it. I live in Kitchener and bought my z10 783.23 the day it came out from FIDO. I wasn’t even excited no line-up… 2 people asked me about the phone yet if it were an iPhone 5S people would be all over it.

    Sick of waiting for BB — I started with a 7290 first colour BB, then 8100, then the 8830 (wifi/gold), 9900 (Javelin), then Torch 1, then … well you get my point. I really miss BB for what it was and maybe its time to move on. Even BBM and how everything is developing its so slow I wonder how they are still alive as a company. People don’t look back — I feel like I’m watching TV, Mike L and Jim B will save the -NOPE. Thorsten H is coming!!! — Nope. Chan is now new CEO –YAY — NOPE?

    It’s all one big cycle and people forget so easily — Or you have the people that keep excusing BlackBerry. I’m on the fence they need to really shape up and stop wasting their time. Get involved and really invest some money into getting done what needs to be done. The HYPE is long over and it will take a lot to get the excitement to the level it was around last year — and they blew it. They delayed, cut, etc, updates still carrier? finally selling direct? BBM 10.3? It’s all too late and the features are useless if no one is on your BBM. I felt like a looser until they finally released BBM4ALL?!? (2 People on list) which also went super smooth wait never mind…

    I’m really getting tired of waiting and getting the phone always half working — I enjoyed the stability, and flexibility of my BBOS phone. THAT is why I chose BB in the first place, efficiency. It’s not a rant but rather a plea to getting those power user features back.

    Seriously contact override if I am in Silent and my wife calls because she’s in a ditch needing help — I MISS THE CALL? Honestly? Again BBOS… No one switched because of the absence of features and I feel foolish for paying the amount I did when a year later its not even worth HALF.

    If anyone is still reading have a good day, take BB for who they are as a whole, and dont keep calling them out every time they trip. They trip because they are wearing the wrong shoes — helping them up every time wont help. Have a good day everyone it really wasn’t a rant just a kind of summation of the last year. Which I would love to see a post on to be honest. I miss articles that were from the heart and actually critical and not always ALL positive we need to know the BAD as well. Great post Ronen — it was this one and the one a while back about their direct that I truly enjoyed.

    • Thanks buddy. I see that a few places got some of these docks but it’s a rare find. We try to be blunt and not sugarcoat anything. That blind fanboy mentality doesn’t help. Hell that’s why I started AndroidEffect to make sure we have a huge for BlackBerry users who changed platforms but still value that focus on efficiency. I’m just hoping John Chen has what it takes to right this ship.

  4. I got mine from an marketplace shop today. They started appearing there a few weeks ago and are offered from three different shops at the moment. The prices jump around all the time – I think the range has been 14-28€ (VAT incl.) so far.

    The Z10 fits perfectly.

  5. Rumor has it the dock will never see the light of day as the BlackBerry Z10 homescreen will not adjust to landscape while in the dock. Now that said if I could get my hands on one of theses bad boys you bet your butt I would use it to the fullest. What about you would you use a dock even if it did not translate into landscape?

    • Sure. When you plug in HDMI it really dies matter. And when used without HDMI you get used to navigating in landscape non landscape apps and the menu. It’d be better if if at least all the standard apps would be optimized in this regard, though.

      If you’d click the link above in the comments, you’d see that it is this very media dockstation made by BlackBerry which is offered by marketplace shops. So it is there and one can buy it. I don’t know if they ship to NA, though or when/if it will be released there.

    • Not sure Sleepy. Seems like it is available in some select international stores

    • That’s wrong. Mine goes to landscape in my dock,plus it has an extra battery charging slot in the back.

      • It goes to landscape but not even all of BlackBerry made or co-made apps are supporting it. Try opening the general settings, navigate through the app selection screens, try BlackBerry World, the Games app, BBM (actual app, not the Hub-integrated part), Bridge, Compas, the menu screens of Newsstand.

  6. There are some sellers on, too:

    Two of the currently listed do ship to North America. So, if you really want one there’s your chance.

  7. We have genuine multimedia docking station in 😉

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