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Knockoff Typo Keyboard for iPhone Gets its First Set of Reviews

Typo iPhone keyboard case

Typo Keyboard is trying to bring the iconic BlackBerry keyboard to the iPhone but so far it seems like they might be coming up short. For hardcore keyboard lovers there is a bit of nostalgia but current reviews are slamming the device for being “more stressful than putting up with the iPhone’s cramped touchscreen.” The Typo keyboard is definitely a niche product but I have a feeling that BlackBerry could do this better if they really wanted and turn it into a viable product. I’m still surprised they went with the style of having to charge the keyboard and phone separately.

Here are the reviews I have spotted so far. Let us know if you find more:

  • Digital Trends (2/5 rating) – The Typo keyboard is a great idea, but in its current form, typing on it is more stressful than putting up with the iPhone’s cramped touchscreen.
  • CNet article – For my money, $100 is a lot to spend on a case I have to learn to use, but with a dearth of QWERTY alternatives at our collective fingertips, this one is at least a viable choice.
  • Recode review – The company concedes that the Typo is a “niche” product, for a minority of iPhone users. I agree. But I also agree that, for that niche, this $99 case could well be a great deal.
  • Bloomberg review – For BlackBerry Addicts, Typo Keyboard for iPhone May Be Worth the Headaches.
  • CrackBerry (From a BlackBerry users perspective) – it comes down to typing experience, and for that I’m finding the Typo performs well enough. It’s definitely not the best keyboard ever made, but I’m typing well on it. More than acceptable. For people who want a physical keyboard and have $99 to spend, it’s a viable solution. Personally, I’d rather use the iPhone with the Typo on than off. I think that actually says a lot for the Typo.
  • AppleInsider – For die-hard physical keyboard fans and BlackBerry converts, Typo could be the answer you’ve been waiting for. For everyone else, Apple’s virtual multitouch solution is likely a better bet.

The consensus from reviewers mostly seems to be that they would not be using it themselves but it might be right for “die hard” BlackBerry keyboard users. The irony is that most of the reviewers claim to have previously been die hard BlackBerry keyboard users…

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Funny how the BBRY hating clowns over at BGR are claiming this keyboard is the greatest thing since sliced bread and how the reviews are astounding. SMDH

  2. The BGR article is a joke. I also think $100 is WAY too much for a keyboard that negates multitasking by covering the all-powerful home button. Looking forward to the result of the lawsuit.

  3. To me the typo look with the iPhone is what the Q10 should have been to begin with (just with the wdth of the Q10) from the start. I hope BlackBerry releases the next Q10 like so. I know I’d def buy it if it was available.

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