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BlackBerry Z30 Beats iPhone 5S, Lumia, & Moto X in WIRED’s CES Smartphone Challenge


The BlackBerry Z30 just beat down the iPhone 5S, Lumia 1020, and Moto X in WIRED’s CES Smartphone Thunderdome. They had their reporters challenged for 5 days to report from the show floor with pictures and more to see who survived. Personally the test seems to be more fun than scientific but its nice to see the Z30 get the recognition with 257 points.1st Place: Tim Moynihan

Point total: 257.5

Tim used a Blackberry Z30, so yeah, he was the underdog from the beginning. And there were plenty of moments we were sure he’d have to tap out of our little competition. Somehow, through a combination of sheer tenacity and robotic stamina, Tim managed to not only complete the Smartphone Thunderdome Challenge, but to win decisively. Seriously, look at that score! Tim not only won many of the bonus challenges, he took home the extra Overall Winner, Best Photography, and Most Posts points as well. Tim, you are truly a CES smartphone blogging machine. Now please get some sleep.

"I took a lot of ribbing for using a BlackBerry. It’s not as fancy as the other phones in the contest, apparently. But you know what? Doesn’t matter. It’s still a phone that can be used to cover a large electronics tradeshow. That’s pretty amazing. Technology is pretty amazing in general these days, you know? These things fit in your pocket! And they’re like laptops except better." –Tim Moynihan, CES Day 5, 2:51 PM PST

Check out the details here. (Kudos to BBIN for pointing this out!)

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  1. It’s definitely nice to see a solid device get the recognition it deserves. It might take some more time, but if BB continues to pump out quality, workhorses like the Z30 and focus on the business market, they stand a chance at re-establishing the brand as the go-to git-er-done leader.

    • Exactly I have the Z30 and the user reviews are just amazing if they continues this route for the high end phone they will be just fine :). I have the Z30 and I can testify lol

    • Mind I remind you that this phone, the Z30 is only available on one carrier in the US out of a bunch including AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile?
      So just like the super bowl ad that was out months before the phone, so is this free ad in the US to the mentioned carriers.
      Most people that decide to buy something go by their impulse and intuition which dies quickly when the product isn’t on the rack, sad but true.

  2. Yeah I have a Verizon Z30 on AT&T with HSDPA and it’s pretty nice. I just wish it had LTE

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